Some time ago we briefly mentioned twofour54’s ibtikar which provides support and funding for promising creative ideas. In response to reader requests for more information, we met CEO Tony Orsten to discuss ibtikar in detail. What is twofour54 ibtikar? Who is eligible for it? ibtikar provides media industry funding... Read more
The banking and finance industry in this region has several small and relatively new players. But they face many of the same marketing issues as the more established institutions. Farrukh Zain, Head of Business Banking, ABN AMRO (now RBS), spoke to Ketaki Banga about these marketing and communication challenges... Read more
The ability of a company to complete its accounting cycle and close its books is more than just a badge of honour for the finance department. It means dollars. The question is, is your technology getting in the way or is it helping? The best companies can close in... Read more
Businesses today have an ever-increasing number of Sharia-compliant financing options for their various growth needs. Broadly speaking, the Sharia is the body of Islamic jurisprudence that regulates various aspects of life including politics, economics, succession, and so on. Rafiq Jaffer from Al Tamimi & Company explains the principles of... Read more
As part of our ongoing efforts to touch base with the community and understand issues that need to be communicated to SMBs in this region, and vice versa, we have set up, what we would like to call, the SMB Advisor Executive Council. Over the next few months, this... Read more