Generational transformation should be the next thing  on your agenda.
In the MENA region alone, more than 28 per cent of the population is between the ages of 15 and 29. And, the way that they behave is disrupting traditional workplaces, business models and even how brands sell themselves. Generational transformation is probably one of the biggest challenges facing... Read more
4 Individuals that changed the future of business.
    Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg Challenges: The biggest challenge Mark Zuckerberg currently faces is keeping up with the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon in the augmented reality space. Moreover, it will also be interesting to see how Facebook sustains its fast-paced growth. It is in a strong... Read more
Background screening: How will it impact hiring for SMEs
The UAE government had shared its plans to commence background security checks on expatriate workers in the country. To understand the implications of the new regulation, we sit down with HireRight executives Steve Girdler, Managing Director EMEA & APAC and James Randall, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East. The UAE is home... Read more
Why Generational Transformation should be on top of your agenda
Over the last couple of days, I tuned into the World Economic Forum taking place in Jordan this year to follow some of the key themes emerging out of the discussion. While there were some interesting insights, there was one thing that stood out for me: Generational transformation. In... Read more
Logistics simplified
You know you have a found a winning solution when it helps you boost revenue, simplify operational processes and streamline communication – all at a viable cost. This is what Expo Freight discovered when it partnered with the region’s leading telecoms provider Etisalat. In the following article, we learn... Read more
The security risks of Internet of Things
Patryk Szewczyk, Lecturer, Edith Cowan University, and Nikolai Hampton, Master of Cyber Security Candidate, Edith Cowan University, assess the security threats and suggest a way moving forward. The range and number of “things” connected to the internet is truly astounding, including security cameras, ovens, alarm systems, baby monitors and cars. They’re... Read more
Tracking trends
Paul Black, Director of Telecoms and IoT, IDC Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, takes a hardened look at the data and shares a compilation of his top trends… Looking ahead, innovations will take centre stage in the IoT space, particularly as the Middle East market begins to rebound. Telecom... Read more
Mom look, I’m a unicorn!
Amidst headlines about dynamic global markets, do unicorns still have the same appeal? Here’s an analysis of the current landscape.. For the benefit of those that aren’t familiar with the term, ‘unicorn’ is a colloquial reference to private companies that are valued at US$ 1 billion or more. It’s... Read more
Food Security are we taking it seriously?
The global food system is in need of an overhaul. Corinna Hawkes, Director of the Centre for Food Policy at City University in London, and part of the Global Future Council on Food Security and Agriculture, says it is not just a case of producing more food, but producing... Read more
Cooking food not the planet!
Stephen Clune, Senior Lecturer Sustainable Design, Lancaster University, and Karli Verghese, Principal Research Fellow, RMIT University, assess the impact of your kitchen on global warming… The food we eat is responsible for almost a third of our global carbon footprint. In research recently published in the Journal of Cleaner... Read more