The security risks of Internet of Things
Patryk Szewczyk, Lecturer, Edith Cowan University, and Nikolai Hampton, Master of Cyber Security Candidate, Edith Cowan University, assess the security threats and suggest a way moving forward. The range and number of “things” connected to the internet is truly astounding, including security cameras, ovens, alarm systems, baby monitors and cars. They’re... Read more
Tracking trends
Paul Black, Director of Telecoms and IoT, IDC Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, takes a hardened look at the data and shares a compilation of his top trends… Looking ahead, innovations will take centre stage in the IoT space, particularly as the Middle East market begins to rebound. Telecom... Read more
Mom look, I’m a unicorn!
Amidst headlines about dynamic global markets, do unicorns still have the same appeal? Here’s an analysis of the current landscape.. For the benefit of those that aren’t familiar with the term, ‘unicorn’ is a colloquial reference to private companies that are valued at US$ 1 billion or more. It’s... Read more
Food Security are we taking it seriously?
The global food system is in need of an overhaul. Corinna Hawkes, Director of the Centre for Food Policy at City University in London, and part of the Global Future Council on Food Security and Agriculture, says it is not just a case of producing more food, but producing... Read more
Cooking food not the planet!
Stephen Clune, Senior Lecturer Sustainable Design, Lancaster University, and Karli Verghese, Principal Research Fellow, RMIT University, assess the impact of your kitchen on global warming… The food we eat is responsible for almost a third of our global carbon footprint. In research recently published in the Journal of Cleaner... Read more – The story that teaches you to dream big
A decade ago, the availability (and utility) of an online marketplace was an unimaginable thought. In 2005, Ronaldo Mouchawar created his version of an online marketplace in the region, which grew to become one of the most popular portals and redefined technology as we knew it. Today, it’s being... Read more
Cloudy or clear skies?
Anthony Butler, CTO, IBM Cloud, MEA, shares compelling insights into the fast-growing cloud services business, and explains why the hybrid cloud is integral to business innovation. In what ways is cloud computing changing from a purely cost-based model to a driver of business innovation? Cloud began as a means... Read more
All eyes on…China
How will the new market dynamics shape the growth of this prolific economy? Will it move forward in smart, deliberate strides or be slowed down? Michael Spence, Professor of Economics, Stern School of Business, New York University, and Qian Wan, PhD Student in Political Economy, Renmin University, Beijing, provide... Read more
Our goal is not just to provide funds, but to prepare a generation of entrepreneurs!
His Excellency Abdul Baset Al Janahi, CEO, Dubai SME, talks policies in 2017 that will boost the SME economy, and highlights fundamental aspects of the prolific Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund for SMEs. What is your strategic vision for the growth of the sector? Supporting up and coming businesses is... Read more
On the fast track: Hyperloop
Wolfgang Lehmacher, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries, World Economic Forum, comments on one of the most ambitious and disruptive projects the industry has ever seen… Imagine if it only took a day for products to travel over land from China to Germany. It could soon be a... Read more