Banks face pretty much the same business challenge as most other businesses- The need to optimise their customer experience. This isn’t about making their clients feel good; it’s about increasing their revenue and staying afloat in these troubled financial waters. This excerpt from a white paper by HP explains... Read more
Organisational success depends on the ACT model – Alignment, Communication and Trust – says Rimon W. Bitar, Executive Vice President, Linkage MENA. Alignment Alinement (uh-lahyn-muhnt) n. 1. Position or place in line; formation in line. 2. A straight line through two or more points. Also spelled alignment. In The... Read more
The Office Exhibition, which took place in February 2010, offered some interesting insights into the UAE workplace. We look at what lies ahead for the office industry, as well as what the exhibition research revealed. The Office Exhibition, sponsored by Hewlett Packard, was inaugurated by HE Humaid Mohamed Obaid... Read more
“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” said Shakespeare. Though I don’t think 007 would agree. “My name is Bond, James Bond, and it stays that way.” It had better – considering it’s a multi-billion-dollar franchise. Some of the most famous brand names could well be... Read more
Nigel Watson from Nexus explains the basic principles of Takaful, or Islamic insurance, and why it appeals to non-Muslim investors as well. What is Takaful? Takaful is Islamic Insurance which is founded on and meets the spiritual requirements that govern business in the Islamic world. It offers our clients... Read more
The Middle East lacks enough serious, dedicated venture capital firms says Fred F Korangy, CEO, New Enterprise East Investments. Over the last few decades, venture capital and entrepreneurship have emerged as two of the most powerful economic forces the world has experienced. Entrepreneurship helps create innovative enterprises, which in... Read more
The Middle East will lead the world out of the current economic slowdown, according to 76% of business leaders in a survey by CONNECT – World CEO Forum. Almost two third of respondents say they’re, “very optimistic” about the long-term prospects for their company in the Middle East, with... Read more
Businesses in the Gulf have been hard hit, as those in other regions, by the economic downturn. However, they are less negatively affected than others by changes in consumer demand and global commodity prices, the ICAEW Global Enterprise Survey revealed. Businesses across the world, and especially in the Gulf,... Read more
Business pin up – EMDI Institute of Media & Communication
A look at dynamic companies and entrepreneurs in the region, what makes them tick, and the buzz on their business. In a nutshell Name: Nowshir Engineer Designation: Executive Director Company: EMDI Institute of Media & Communication Industry: Vocational education Accreditation: City and Guilds, UK Number of employees: 8 in... Read more
Recession or not, during these volatile economic times it?s worth taking a look at the playbook of turnaround specialists. Experts at biz-ability & biz-events Middle East offer some advice. For many growth firms that face the normal challenges of managing constant change, it can feel like a perpetual turnaround... Read more