Taking the first steps: how to benefit from the IoT wave
Khalid Khan, Director of Midmarket and Cloud, MEA & APAC, Avaya, helps demystify one of the key emerging technology trends that is transforming business today. The Internet of Things. Everyone’s talking about it, everyone has their own definition of it, and yet surprisingly few people understand how best to... Read more
Everything is connected
In a Q&A with CK Vishwakarma, Founder and CEO, AllThingsConnected, SME Advisor delves into the practicalities of Internet of Things (IoT) and explores its implications. How do you view the term “Internet of Things”? The “Internet” in the term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connectivity. Internet as... Read more
Walking the road to digitisation
Mike Weston, Vice President, Cisco Middle East, highlights how SMEs can harness the power of IoT to create opportunity in the time of adversity. Everywhere we look, businesses are becoming more efficient, consumers are making better-informed decisions and whole industries are being transformed as the real impact of technology... Read more
Cloudy or clear skies?
Anthony Butler, CTO, IBM Cloud, MEA, shares compelling insights into the fast-growing cloud services business, and explains why the hybrid cloud is integral to business innovation. In what ways is cloud computing changing from a purely cost-based model to a driver of business innovation? Cloud began as a means... Read more
Avenues for growth
Andrew Tipping, Principal, PwC US, highlights current trends, explores strategies freight carriers can use to survive in a fiercely competitive market and talks about the way moving forward… On the surface, the commercial freight transportation and logistics industry looked calm over the last year. However, beneath the relative tranquillity,... Read more
Getting smart about transport
Digital technologies are playing a major role in shaping the smart cities of tomorrow. A critical aspect of this transition requires smart transport. Hussein Dia, Associate Professor (Transport) provides his expert opinion. The reform of urban mobility remains one of the biggest challenges confronting policy makers around the world.... Read more
On the fast track: Hyperloop
Wolfgang Lehmacher, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries, World Economic Forum, comments on one of the most ambitious and disruptive projects the industry has ever seen… Imagine if it only took a day for products to travel over land from China to Germany. It could soon be a... Read more
Spurring growth through the cloud

Philippe Fanjere, VP Europe, Middle East and Africa, Maestrano, presents effective strategies to implement cloud technology within your manufacturing SME.

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Unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the next revolution in industrialisation. The premise is to take all the individual processes and computing that factory machines perform in their siloed systems and import them into the cloud, meaning the workflow, upkeep, and management of each individual machine and series of machines can be done remotely.

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How 3D printing is reshaping manufacturing

As 3D printing technology is rapidly being adopted for use by a myriad of industries, how does it stand to impact mainstream manufacturing?

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