Closing the gap: cash management and your business
Cash is the ultimate SME dream and we have offered advice on several different ways to liberate your business cash flow. In the following feature, however, we speak to Hariraj Subramanian, Executive Director and Head of Cash Product Management at National Bank of Abu Dhabi, and present to you... Read more
Supply chain – opportunities for SMEs

Anirudha Panse, Head of Trade Finance Products at National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), shares his thoughts with small businesses looking to optimise the management of their working capital and cash

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The evolving landscape of trade finance

What are the global drivers of trade finance and what are the new opportunities that are emerging?

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Financial planning: Preparing for Qs 3 & 4

Are you well-placed to make the most of this key time and deliver ahead of the year’s forecasts? SME Advisor looks at the ‘strategies for excellence’ that effective businesses will need to implement…

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The start-up challenge

Where is the money to start your business going to come from? We look at the classic start-up challenge…

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Growth in a cooler climate
While nations such as the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia can remain relatively competitive in a time of lower oil prices, the deflationary impact on other GCC nations – and across the MENA region – will inevitably impact trading profiles for SME exporters. Senior Editor Paul Godfrey presents a... Read more

The red lights and green flags for SMEs to watch in 2015…

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Is the world your oyster, or speaking a language you don’t understand?

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Outside the box

Re-imagine your business with the power of Global Markets

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Via a series of ambitious support programmes, the UAE is committed not only to the growth of the SME sector as such, but to helping individual businesses develop to the maximum extent. The reality is that growth in this sector makes good commercial sense – and it’s a goal... Read more