Deliveroo: A winning recipe for food delivery
The brand’s audacious plans for expansion and its vision to dominate the food delivery space… Accelerating ahead When you first look at Deliveroo, it resembles any other food-delivery portal. Naturally, food delivery isn’t a novel concept. It enables its customers to choose from a network of restaurants, place an... Read more
Deliver 2 mum: Delivering success
From funding and technology to expansion and winning Etisalat’s Hello Business Pitch Please, Samer Al-Nimr of Deliver 2 Mum takes us through the various stages of his start-up life. Here are exclusive excerpts from the budding entrepreneur’s personal diary… Inception The idea of Deliver 2 Mum came with the... Read more
Omasi: Made to measure

By making technology part of its process, ?Omasi is looking to boost customer service and productivity.

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How 3D printing is reshaping manufacturing

As 3D printing technology is rapidly being adopted for use by a myriad of industries, how does it stand to impact mainstream manufacturing?

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Motivation is something that keeps most of us going. And, this is especially true for entrepreneurs and business owners in the region looking to move to the next level and take their businesses to new heights. This is exactly why SME Advisor met with world-renowned motivational speaker, leadership coach... Read more

Momentum – a fabulous vintage watch boutique in the heart of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) – embraces not only supreme expertise but a good deal of glamour and cachet as well. SME Advisor spoke to co-founders Anas Halabi and Tariq Malik…

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Mona Tavassoli makes motivation the ‘M’ in SME…

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At 23 years old, Nowshir Engineer developed a passion for events and media that would make him a pioneer of ‘the science of event management & media training’ – and put him at the head of the region’s foremost media training schools. SME Advisor met the man who’s turned the word ‘innovator’ into a mantra of success…

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Networking is a powerful tool for leveraging the capabilities of your SME. It’s a useful strategy for building strong connections, impressing potential investors and even getting finance! Networking guru, Dr. Ivan Misner, reveals how…

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Any SME looking for an infusion of dynamic fun and energy should walk into the offices of biz-group. It’s hard to ignore the vivacious décor and the attentive reception staff. SME Advisor met with their equally vibrant founding personalities, Hazel Jackson and Hazel Cowling, and discovered that this energetic appeal is definitely not limited to... Read more