A day in the life: Vincent Maldant, Studio 7
At a time when many are looking to switch industries or try something different, we bring you first person accounts of the lives of entrepreneurs or senior executives, outlining a typical day in their business. Who knows, maybe the perfect idea is waiting for you. Read on and get... Read more
Research reveals 2011 downturn for working mums
Research from workspace solutions provider Regus reveals that 2011 will see employment downturn for working mums as old prejudices reawaken. In a worrying development for equal opportunities across the globe, research from workspace solutions provider Regus has shown that the proportion of firms intending to hire more working mothers... Read more
Shifra Smart Homes: Remote control residence
We look at dynamic companies and entrepreneurs in the region, what makes them tick and the buzz on their business. This month, Haidi Esper, founder and General Manager of Shifra Smart Homes, talks to us about the exciting future of domestic multimedia integrations. In a nutshell Name: Haidi Esper... Read more
Getting organised tops Yahoo! Maktoob survey
Getting organised is the number one priority for people in the Arab world according to a new survey from Yahoo! Maktoob Research. Interestingly, long-time pledges such as losing weight and quitting smoking did not even make it among the top five goals this year. The online survey, which polled... Read more
Funky in town: Emirati entrepreneurs
Meet cousins Saud Al Ali and Nawaf Al Ali. These two young men are not even old enough to be eligible for a bank loan, yet they’re the force behind a really cool sandals brand called Funtakino. The cousins are being supported by Dubai SME and they plan to... Read more
JetEx: Triumph in adversity
For many SMEs the current economic conditions are proving difficult in terms of sustainability, with talks of cut-backs in an effort to reduce costs. However, there are instances where opportunities for expansion are being discovered. Adel Mardini, Chief Executive Officer, JetEx, explains how his company found triumph in adversity.... Read more
Business guru: Words from the wise
Starting his professional career as an accountant in India, Krishna Murthy now sits as the Chief Executive Officer of Al Rostamani Exchange. With over 20 years experience in investment banking and the finance sector, he believes in the importance of transparent leadership. He talks to Mike Byrne about his... Read more
Last year wasn’t a cakewalk by any standards, but it set the tone for a more positive mindset which, ultimately, meant a more positive business environment. They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. What is that even supposed to mean? Going where, you might ask.... Read more
Part 1: Jeff Leach, Co-founder of N_K_DPizza, bares all Every detail matters N_K_DPizza has grown so much, so fast. Most entrepreneurs have a problem letting go but there comes a time when you need to be more hands off, bring in professionals and not try to micro manage. Has... Read more
Jeff Leach, Co-founder of N_K_DPizza, bares all
Jeff Leach strips his business down to its basics and tells us what makes his brand one of the fastest growing food franchises in the US. As the keynote speaker for the SME Advisor Summit, he had an extended chat with Ketaki Banga when he was in town to... Read more