Corporate sport: Golf and the art of being a credible executive!
Aranaud Palu, Chief Operating Officer of Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) Leisure talks to SME Advisor about the art of being a credible executive: A story about golf, urban myths and generally answering the call of nature… I started playing golf some years ago because I had been told that,... Read more
Go green and get lean
Guillaume Mariole from Ignite Fitness & Wellness gives you eco-friendly tips to stay fit at work. You probably already know that UAE residents are amongst the highest consumers of natural resources in the world. Our lives in the UAE centre around convenience, with our days spent in air-conditioned offices... Read more
Sealing the deal with corporate grooming
In today’s image-fixated world of business, the way you present yourself is very important. You have just a few seconds to make that first impression and you get only one shot at it. This month, Guillaume Mariole from Ignite Fitness & Wellness shows that, with a little thought and... Read more
What the fork?!?
In a city like Dubai, where so many meetings, interviews and deals are sealed while dining, you’ve got to be a smooth operator. Guillaume Mariole from Ignite fitness & wellness takes us through the minefield that is business dining etiquette. When dealing with business partners from a wide variety... Read more
The cult of busyness
Running faster to stay in the same place? Move over, caffeine and nicotine; there’s a new bad habit in town. Career self-management expert Barbara Moses suggests that the latest vice to hit society is busyness. Moses, President of BBM Human Resource Consultants, is the international best-selling author of What... Read more
Business technology update
Whether they are toys or business must-haves is up to you! We bring you a round-up of what is hitting the technology market! All new Mac mini Apple has unveiled a completely redesigned Mac mini, featuring up to twice the graphics performance, a new HDMI port and a new SD... Read more
New toys for you and your business
PO Box rental and EziMail Emirates Post Group Holding (EPGH) has launched new improved PO Box rental and EziMail bundle services for corporate customers, with enhanced mail pick-up and delivery services as well as value added services. The bundles are being offered leveraging the combined expertise of Emirates Post,... Read more
Making your resolutions work for you
Now that a new year is upon us, combined with the festive indulgence of the last few weeks, are you, like many, currently putting some thought into your annual fitness and wellbeing resolutions, asks Guillaume Mariole, from Ignite Fitness & Wellness. Most of us resolve to be fit next... Read more
As a busy executive, do you often wish for more hours in the day? Guillaume Mariole from Physical Advantage explains how exercise and nutrition can make your day last longer. This month we look at a common phrase: ?I don?t have enough hours in the day!? Let?s go over... Read more
Work doesn’t really get started till you’ve had your morning cuppa. And you often need an urgent pick-me-up again. Rosco Franklin, Roastmaster for Coffee Planet, shows how to brew the perfect cup.The Cafetière, French Press or Plunger is a simple constructed piece of equipment known all around the world... Read more