Revisiting the basics of funding
  Mohammad Abu Musa, CEO,, goes back to the basics as he outlines key strategies to access finance. Finding an investor is just liking finding your customers, you must find them in the right place at the right time. Approaching investors with a straightforward mind-set will help your... Read more
Reinventing roles: Women in finance
Heather Henyon is not one to be sidelined by gender stereotypes or glass ceilings. In fact, in her career spanning over two decades, she’s done the exact opposite: pave the way for a new generation of female leaders. Here, she talks to us about combatting gender biases in finance.... Read more
How to create a culture of accountability
In this special column, Murtaza Manji, Director, ActionCOACH, takes a hardened look at the basics of HR management and shares lessons on integrating the right values within your company’s culture. ‘Accountability’ is a big, heavy word. It means a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s used... Read more
Exclusive interview: ArabianChain launches crypto trading platform
Thinking about diving into the world of cryptocurrency trading? Well, look no further. Home-grown blockchain platform ArabianChain recently launched a new digital asset exchange: Palmex. We spoke to Founder and CEO Mohammed Alsehli to get some insights. Tell us about ArabianChain and its offering.    ArabianChain Technology is a UAE-based... Read more
Trucks on demand

Trucks on demand

Featured January 10, 2018

Elie El Tom, Founder, Yalla Pickup, has ventured out into a place where he could use technology to solve a problem and make a big impact. With his trucking app, he’s made humble strides towards achieving his dream. We take a look at how far he’s come… Elie El Tom... Read more
The ultimate SME checklist for 2018 
For any company, the outcome of the year depends as much on internal processes as on external market dynamics. Yet, many firms fail to systematically think about how they are going to prepare themselves to react to emerging trends. To help business owners with this exercise, we asked Tracy... Read more
An app that uses dynamic pricing to boost restaurant sales
As a fresh Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Texas A&M at Qatar, Hamza has little to no experience of operating within the F&B space. But, that doesn’t deter him from pursuing his dream and creating a business that he truly believes will help restaurants sell better. So, is he succeeding?... Read more
We now officially live in the Amazon era
As we bid adieu to 2017, we’re caught up in the year-end ritual of reflections, assessments, predictions and highlights. But this year, we’re not focusing on WHAT defined 2017, we’re taking a slightly unconventional route to look at WHO defined 2017. The answer? It’s the one company we can’t... Read more
Meet Tanmay Bakshi: an exclusive interview
Not every 14-year old wakes up in the morning looking forward to the convergence of deep learning models. But then, not every 14-year old is Tanmay Bakshi. Such a delight to feature this young genius… Tanmay, you are the world’s youngest Watson programmer. Can you walk us through the... Read more
Future perspectives: where we’re headed
In line with our recently held SME Beyond Borders – 4X conference, the team at SME Advisor felt compelled to assess the top trends that we think will have a major impact in four years to come. Here are our two cents on what to expect in the future…... Read more