Shaking up the  innovation ecosystem
The truth is that the social, economic and commercial progress of any city is defined by the efficiency of ecosystems that lie within it. It, therefore, becomes imperative to ensure that these ecosystems are being built on sustainable models that are designed to deliver collective impact. Here, Abdulaziz AlJaziri,... Read more
Blockchain and IoT: made for each other?
Blockchain and IoT provide several tangible benefits as individual technologies, but to really unlock their potential it is important to understand how they work together. Jean-Luc Scherer explores the myriad benefits of their convergence… IoT is everywhere. Almost every object, every asset has nowadays a virtual, a digital representation.... Read more
Interview: Mika Yamamoto  Chief Digital Marketing Officer, SAP
Several new initiatives and customised applications are indicative of SAP’s continued focus on the SME market. You are the gatekeeper of SAP, as a brand, within the SME space. How do you see yourself positioned in this segment? Much of our outreach programmes and what you see of our... Read more
Fuelling the future of FinTech
She’s far-sighted, ambitious and has a strong financial acumen. As we sit down with her, there’s no wonder why she’s at the forefront of the region’s most important FinTech development. She’s none other than Raja Al Mazrouei – Acting EVP of FinTech Hive at the prestigious DIFC. In a very... Read more
The future of learning
Make no mistake. Education is currently one of the smartest investments anyone can make. In fact, a new generation of tech-savvy teachers, increasing government spending and evolving skillsets are fuelling the growth of the edtech market. Traditional classrooms are being transformed by technologies as educational institutes are seen taking... Read more
Setting high benchmarks – in IoT
From robots and drones to wearables and self-driving cars, technology advancements have been swift and staggering. To capitalise on this opportunity and to exploit the potential of these expansive technologies, Mohammed Rashid launched his business venture Tayar. With corporate giants such as Honeywell and Hitachi leading the way, the... Read more
Food on-demand: In conversation with
Abdulhamid Al Omar, CEO of, on his company’s growing appetite… Talabat recently crossed the 100,000 order milestone. How would you describe your journey so far? We were naturally very proud when we hit that 100,000 order milestone last month. Initially, Talabat was established by young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs, and... Read more
“In Dubai, I find inspiration”
Every year, the world’s most creative professionals converge in Dubai to showcase a dazzling array of cultural, culinary and artistic experiences. And while a lot of these artists receive appreciation and accolades, there are some that prefer to shy away from the limelight. That’s exactly why this time around we decided to... Read more
Zomato and its appetite for growth
Since its launch in 2012, Zomato has regularly transformed its business strategy to target fresh customers and stay well ahead of its competitors. Now, it prepares for new highs. Rohin Thampi, Regional Director, Zomato MEA, speaks exclusively to SME Advisor… What was the biggest challenge to Zomato’s growth in... Read more – The story that teaches you to dream big
A decade ago, the availability (and utility) of an online marketplace was an unimaginable thought. In 2005, Ronaldo Mouchawar created his version of an online marketplace in the region, which grew to become one of the most popular portals and redefined technology as we knew it. Today, it’s being... Read more