Making your resolutions work for you
Now that a new year is upon us, combined with the festive indulgence of the last few weeks, are you, like many, currently putting some thought into your annual fitness and wellbeing resolutions, asks Guillaume Mariole, from Ignite Fitness & Wellness. Most of us resolve to be fit next... Read more
Colour impacting your business
How does colour impact your business? Think you’ve seen it all? Not quite, says Dan Smith, General Manager for Integrated Marketing, Xerox, MEA (DMO), as he walks down the colour-technology memory lane and then looks ahead to the future. In 1964 when people asked “Where will television go?” the... Read more
Busted: 4 myths of colour printing
Thought it wasn’t possible? Think again. Times have changed and a lot of common printing hiccups don’t exist anymore. Stay up to speed with the changes so you can maximise the benefits and features that are now readily available to your business. Imagine there was a cost-effective way to... Read more
Risk management: Proceed with caution
Risk is an inherent part of being in business; it can be managed and its adverse outcomes can be mitigated. The greatest challenge for small business owners is to find the proper balance between peace of mind and profitability, says independent financial advisor Greg Pogonowski. Trying to completely eliminate... Read more
Are you assuming too much?
Taken-for-granted business assumptions need to be questioned in today’s changing world, asserts Debbie Nicol, principal consultant and owner of business en motion. How many of your business decisions are made out of habit, because that’s how things have always been done and you are comfortable with it, or maybe... Read more
The experience is the proposition
A customer value proposition has to be viewed in the totality of the customer experience. It is not just about how great the product is, nor how much value for money it offers, or how it is promoted, or through which channels it will be sold, says John Lincoln,... Read more
Multi-cultural business dealings
This region is a melting pot. That brings opportunities as well as challenges. Our experts gave valuable advice on finding common ground and cutting through cultural crossed-signals. Mike Byrne reports. Tranzeet lounge: An Emirati perspective Talib opened his module with a simple description of an orange and the need... Read more
Planning growth

Planning growth

Featured January 16, 2011 0

There is a time for caution tempered wisdom but, taken too far, it can seriously hamper business growth. So it’s good to see that these last few months many SMEs have got back in the game with renewed optimism. Our experts for this workshop explained how to take business... Read more
Show me the money
We sought the expertise of some of the region’s leading business minds. Three workshops, each split into a few mini modules, covered various SME concerns such as finance, human resources, technology and multi-cultural dealings. It was interesting to note that the session on money matters had the maximum number... Read more
Navigating your next steps
The experts from our panel play an important role in driving businesses in this region. They, literally, put their money where their mouth is and advised the audience based on first-hand experience. We bring you highlights from an entertaining and informative discussion on “Business in the brave new world... Read more