Multi-cultural business dealings
This region is a melting pot. That brings opportunities as well as challenges. Our experts gave valuable advice on finding common ground and cutting through cultural crossed-signals. Mike Byrne reports. Tranzeet lounge: An Emirati perspective Talib opened his module with a simple description of an orange and the need... Read more
Planning growth

Planning growth

Featured January 16, 2011 0

There is a time for caution tempered wisdom but, taken too far, it can seriously hamper business growth. So it’s good to see that these last few months many SMEs have got back in the game with renewed optimism. Our experts for this workshop explained how to take business... Read more
Show me the money
We sought the expertise of some of the region’s leading business minds. Three workshops, each split into a few mini modules, covered various SME concerns such as finance, human resources, technology and multi-cultural dealings. It was interesting to note that the session on money matters had the maximum number... Read more
Navigating your next steps
The experts from our panel play an important role in driving businesses in this region. They, literally, put their money where their mouth is and advised the audience based on first-hand experience. We bring you highlights from an entertaining and informative discussion on “Business in the brave new world... Read more
Jeff Leach, Co-founder of N_K_DPizza, bares all
Jeff Leach strips his business down to its basics and tells us what makes his brand one of the fastest growing food franchises in the US. As the keynote speaker for the SME Advisor Summit, he had an extended chat with Ketaki Banga when he was in town to... Read more
If you’ve got it, flaunt it
Small or start-up companies need to ensure that their target market is fully informed of their merits. This is even more important when exporting to foreign markets where the product or service is competing with domestic as well as established international suppliers, says Dr. Ashraf Mahate, Head of Export... Read more
Having begun his professional life with the French military, Arnaud Palu, now Chief Operating Officer for Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) Leisure, exudes an obvious leadership quality. He has almost 20 years business experience working for not only Disney but also The Millennium Dome and Dreamworks. Having earned a reputation... Read more
Stay away!

Stay away!

FeaturedMarketing January 9, 2011 3

Advertising and PR. So close, the two of them. So close, and yet so far apart. But perhaps that’s for the best, as experts advise that these two disciplines are best kept separate. While it might not be the oldest profession, advertising may well have come second. Or third,... Read more
Face value

Face value

FeaturedMarketing January 9, 2011 0

Alexander Rauser, CEO, Connect, explains why companies should be building their brand on Facebook, which he says is the marketing tool of the future. With more than one million users in the UAE and 9.7 million users in the region, Facebook offers a great opportunity for brands to market... Read more

Risky business

FeaturedTech December 27, 2010 1

A new global study by Juniper Networks highlights the significant security gap as mobile devices shatter boundaries between personal and business use. The survey shows smartphone security concerns are running high, yet 81% admit sneaking onto employer networks without permission. In a global consumer study released recently, Juniper Networks... Read more