Stay away!

Stay away!

FeaturedMarketing January 9, 2011 3

Advertising and PR. So close, the two of them. So close, and yet so far apart. But perhaps that’s for the best, as experts advise that these two disciplines are best kept separate. While it might not be the oldest profession, advertising may well have come second. Or third,... Read more
Face value

Face value

FeaturedMarketing January 9, 2011 0

Alexander Rauser, CEO, Connect, explains why companies should be building their brand on Facebook, which he says is the marketing tool of the future. With more than one million users in the UAE and 9.7 million users in the region, Facebook offers a great opportunity for brands to market... Read more

Risky business

FeaturedTech December 27, 2010 1

A new global study by Juniper Networks highlights the significant security gap as mobile devices shatter boundaries between personal and business use. The survey shows smartphone security concerns are running high, yet 81% admit sneaking onto employer networks without permission. In a global consumer study released recently, Juniper Networks... Read more

Time to be green

FeaturedTech December 26, 2010 1

As the world’s appetite for better, faster and stronger IT resources grows so does the strain on energy output. With emissions from IT reaching unprecedented levels, the time for a greener solution is upon us. Amongst other incentives, more energy-efficient hardware and software is the path forward says leading... Read more
Customising workplace design and technology
In today’s fragile and often unpredictable business sector, productivity has never been so crucial. Dan Smith, General Manager for Integrated Marketing, Xerox, MEA, (DMO), explains how by making small, but influential, changes to the way your office operates, both on a physical practical level and technological basis, substantial efficiency... Read more
The ICT awareness and needs of the SMEs are diverse and disparate. Many SMEs feel that any investment in ICT is costly and does not generate the requisite returns. This is certainly not true. In this first edition of the expert advice column from du, John Lincoln, Vice President,... Read more
Business pin up – EMDI Institute of Media & Communication
A look at dynamic companies and entrepreneurs in the region, what makes them tick, and the buzz on their business. In a nutshell Name: Nowshir Engineer Designation: Executive Director Company: EMDI Institute of Media & Communication Industry: Vocational education Accreditation: City and Guilds, UK Number of employees: 8 in... Read more