Top 10 money management tips for NRIs
Adhil Shetty of shares his thoughts on how companies can marry financial acumen with strategic investment strategies to drive growth forward. Active money management is critical to financial health. If you are a resident Indian, your task is easier compared to an NRI. When you live in a... Read more
Reinventing roles: Women in finance
Heather Henyon is not one to be sidelined by gender stereotypes or glass ceilings. In fact, in her career spanning over two decades, she’s done the exact opposite: pave the way for a new generation of female leaders. Here, she talks to us about combatting gender biases in finance.... Read more
Revisiting the basics of funding
Mohammad Abu Musa, CEO,, goes back to the basics as he outlines key strategies to access finance.  Finding an investor is just liking finding your customers, you must find them in the right place at the right time. Approaching investors with a straightforward mindset will help your business... Read more
VAT in the UAE – The freezone update
Bill Anderson of Argent Gulf Consulting shares the implications for companies operating within freezones in this monthly VAT-dedicated column… Executive Regulations The final VAT legislation, the Executive Regulations, has been published and all the uncertainty has been cleared up. One of the specific areas covered by the Executive Regulations... Read more
Are you asking the right question?
Almost every entrepreneur knows all too well that it’s important to address the how, what and when of starting a business. But, are they missing the obvious? Binod Shankar of Kaplan Genesis Institute opines… It’s a eureka moment! Your friends and family think that your latest brainwave on the... Read more
Blockchain for business
How can SMEs deploy blockchain technology and exploit its advantages? Jean-Luc Scherer and Christophe Pinot of Innoopolis review existing data and tackle the question… The Middle East is known for its trading based history but also for its rapid growth based on oil revenues. At the same time, the dependency... Read more
Fuelling the future of FinTech
She’s far-sighted, ambitious and has a strong financial acumen. As we sit down with her, there’s no wonder why she’s at the forefront of the region’s most important FinTech development. She’s none other than Raja Al Mazrouei – Acting EVP of FinTech Hive at the prestigious DIFC. In a very... Read more
The itch to fundraise
I recently had the privilege of enjoying a live fireside chat with Daymond John (of Shark Tank) at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW 2017. As he talked about his journey from being an aspiring entrepreneur to becoming a self-made billionaire, there was something he said that struck a chord. He pointed... Read more
UAE Bankruptcy Law: A guide for business directors
The prospect of the new UAE Bankruptcy Law has given existing and aspiring entrepreneurs fresh expectations. The new UAE Bankruptcy Law (Federal Law No. 9 of 2016) has put a spotlight on the treatment of companies in financial difficulties in the United Arab Emirates. It comes into force on... Read more
Supply chain – opportunities for SMEs

Anirudha Panse, Head of Trade Finance Products at National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), shares his thoughts with small businesses looking to optimise the management of their working capital and cash

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