As the range of services available over a mobile device expands, so does the opportunity to build further payment services on top of these. For retailers, banks and other organisations involved in bringing these services to the market, this is yet another way to enhance the customer experience. Postilion’s... Read more
With the global financial meltdown and economic recession gripping most parts of the world, banks and financial lending institutions are again in the spotlight, given the important role they play in business. Manda Banda brings you the highlights of this very pertinent panel discussion. The experts on our panel... Read more

Trust me

FinanceNews June 1, 2010 0

There are few real-world economic transactions that do not involve an element of trust, but textbooks don’t really teach you that. Credit rating and reputational collateral equals credit worthiness. SAS’ Head of Risk Management, Harry Pretorius, advises SMBs on how to get started. A creditor’s measure of an individual’s... Read more
Companies need new strategies to manage their financial position. Simon Davidson and Thomas Miers from DLA Piper explain how restructuring can help improve stability and how it need not be exclusive to businesses in financial distress. The past few months have shown that even the growth markets of the... Read more
As part of our ongoing efforts to touch base with the community and understand issues that need to be communicated to SMBs in this region, and vice versa, we have set up, what we would like to call, the SMB Advisor Executive Council. Over the next few months, this... Read more