The start-up challenge

Where is the money to start your business going to come from? We look at the classic start-up challenge…

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Growth in a cooler climate
While nations such as the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia can remain relatively competitive in a time of lower oil prices, the deflationary impact on other GCC nations – and across the MENA region – will inevitably impact trading profiles for SME exporters. Senior Editor Paul Godfrey presents a... Read more
DEC Senior Economist Ali Tawfik Al Sadik offers his expertise on how Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are shaping up in the UAE due to connectivity between global trends, FDI and the partnerships they encourage. I am a macro economist and believe offering a global view helps to better understand... Read more

The Bottom Line

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Bill Chappell occupies a rare space as the CFO of Dubai Silicon Oasis, a free zone dedicated to the development of technology-based SMEs. In the following interview he shares with SME Advisor how far along technology has come in the UAE and why the figures are the most important... Read more
Infographic: CFOs across the globe
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Is your business subject to the two-tier pricing system that the West-East trading corridor so frequently entails

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Is the world your oyster, or speaking a language you don’t understand?

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We’ve often argued that cash is the ultimate SME dream and have offered advice on a myriad of ways to liberate your business cash flow. In the following feature, however, we present to you a fresh perspective on managing cash flow, controlling your business spending, increasing revenues and improving... Read more

Start-up to IPO

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 If your business is at the vital intersection between being ‘medium-sized’ and ‘enterprise-level’, chances are you’ve considered the IPO as a viable option. Going down this route can not only have a liberating impact on your company’s cashflow but can also set you on a path to exponential growth and success. SME... Read more

Money watch

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A comprehensive outlook on the three major currencies in the market – the USD, EUR and GBP

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