Doing business in Iraq
Iraq is the new Middle East destination for business and investments. Being one of the richest countries in oil and gas, as well as emerging from years of war, the economic growth being experienced all together puts Iraq under the spot light, says Khaled Saqqaf at Al Tamimi &... Read more
This region is notorious for the seasonality of its business, but in this day and age of global competitiveness and economic crisis, can SMEs afford to take it easy during summer and Ramadan? How can they make the most of what is, traditionally, annual downtime? Ashish Panjabi The days... Read more
Consumer confidence appears to still be rising in the UAE, following last quarter’s increase, according to the latest Consumer Confidence Index (CCI). The Consumer Confidence Index, a quarterly survey conducted by the Middle East’s number one job site in conjunction with research specialists YouGov Siraj, found the UAE... Read more
The experience is the proposition
A customer value proposition has to be viewed in the totality of the customer experience. It is not just about how great the product is, nor how much value for money it offers, or how it is promoted, or through which channels it will be sold, says John Lincoln,... Read more
Lacklustre risk management
Never has risk management  for companies been such a vital necessity. In the midst of the worst economic downturn in over half a century, a recent survey has revealed that companies in the Middle East are still reluctant to fully implement and adhere to sufficient risk management policies. A... Read more
It’s not business, it’s personal. Now wait a minute, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? “It’s not personal, it’s business” – this famous line from the Godfather is considered by many to be the foundation of success. When you are mature enough to make decisions based... Read more
The Middle East will lead the world out of the current economic slowdown, according to 76% of business leaders in a survey by CONNECT – World CEO Forum. Almost two third of respondents say they’re, “very optimistic” about the long-term prospects for their company in the Middle East, with... Read more
Businesses in the Gulf have been hard hit, as those in other regions, by the economic downturn. However, they are less negatively affected than others by changes in consumer demand and global commodity prices, the ICAEW Global Enterprise Survey revealed. Businesses across the world, and especially in the Gulf,... Read more
Banks face pretty much the same business challenge as most other businesses- The need to optimise their customer experience. This isn’t about making their clients feel good; it’s about increasing their revenue and staying afloat in these troubled financial waters. This excerpt from a white paper by HP explains... Read more
Organisational success depends on the ACT model – Alignment, Communication and Trust – says Rimon W. Bitar, Executive Vice President, Linkage MENA. Alignment Alinement (uh-lahyn-muhnt) n. 1. Position or place in line; formation in line. 2. A straight line through two or more points. Also spelled alignment. In The... Read more