Avenues for growth
Andrew Tipping, Principal, PwC US, highlights current trends, explores strategies freight carriers can use to survive in a fiercely competitive market and talks about the way moving forward… On the surface, the commercial freight transportation and logistics industry looked calm over the last year. However, beneath the relative tranquillity,... Read more
Protecting your business

We highlight key legal, commercial and practical measures available to UAE employers when faced with a competitor poaching their employees.

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Social media framework in the UAE

What are critical areas to consider and check points to have in place? Legal experts from Clyde and Co. share insights…

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The GCC Railway Network

The GCC is now embarking on one of the largest modern cross-border rail networks in the world. We present an overview

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Building a marketing strategy
In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, it is pivotal for your business to understand the basic principles of marketing in order to stay ahead of the curve. An effective marketing plan helps your business communicate its value proposition to customers in a structured, timely and competent way. Here’s a... Read more
Building a website – in 10 steps!
A functional and well-designed website can be one of the most critical factors in building an interface with your customers, suppliers, partners – and potentially investors. In the following feature, we take you through the step-by-step process of creating an effective online presence.   For an entrepreneur or small... Read more
Business owners often believe that having a unique product offering sets them apart from competition and is enough to sustain in today’s fast-paced markets. But, is that really enough? SME Advisor offers top advice… “Number one, cash is king. Number two, communicate. Number three, buy or bury the competition.” –... Read more
Land, who owns it and how that ownership is exercised, plays a central role in day-to-day business discussions across the UAE. It is in this context that real estate professionals across the region have looked with great interest to the publishing of Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) Consultation Paper... Read more
Good business is often attributed to efficient marketing strategies. While there are so many tools and tactics available in the market that promise optimum results, word-of-mouth marketing is still recognized as the most-effective strategy for any product or service. But what if this is simply unachievable due to low... Read more

A CRM solution allows your business to manage critical customer information

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