Survey: Regional consumer trends

MENA consumers are among the most brand loyal consumers in the world, according to a recent survey by Ernst & Young.

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A personal finance mini market

Moneysouq, a new personal finance exhibition launches in malls across the UAE, integrates on-site and and virtual marketing.

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Making word of mouth count

The Referral Institute’s Phil Bedford on the need for SMEs to utilise referrals to generate new business.

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Summer of the souk

With the summer season heating up in the UAE, retailers are putting their marketing campaigns in full swing.

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The pillars of segmentation

du’s John Lincoln takes us through what this marketing element means beyond the single customer aspect dimension model.

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Maximising your reach

Xerox’s Dan Smith explains how outsourcing certain marketing tasks can increase return on investment.

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Adapting to digital evolution

Marketing and PR professionals are under a constant pressure to evolve fast and be super creative in the digital arena.

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International visitors broke their spending records compared to previous years during the Dubai Shopping Festival 2012 (DSF)

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Sharjah Government Communication Forum 2012 examines risk and crises management
Ability to act swiftly, transparently, and with confidence and a level of preparedness are essential to providing effective responses to crises situations. The maturity to learn from experience that allows for an active engagement with communities earns governments the trust of its people while coping with risk management, according... Read more
Marketing analytics: The low-down on ROI
The golden rule to analytics is measuring income from effort. There is nothing complicated about social networking – all you need to do is apply the rules you do in everyday business to the online world, says Alan Devereux, Communication Officer, British Business Group. One question that continually gets... Read more