PR strikes back!
Responding to one of our previous columns on not needing a PR agency,  Said Hamideh from Active PR comments on the “Do it yourself” approach that often appeals to smaller businesses and feels there comes a time when the services of PR are definitely needed. Committing one’s life to... Read more
The best things in life are free
What would you say if someone could show you a way to track competitors, find new hires, sell your products, and find new customers – all for free? You’d be interested, right? You can do all this with LinkedIn, explains Alan Devereux, Communications Officer for the British Business Group,... Read more
Playing two moves ahead
A customers’ attention has shifted from traditional billboards and yellow pages to new digital media, such as search engines, social networks and mobile applications. With this change in behaviour, businesses must adapt so that they can continue to provide value and remain relevant, says Abbas Alidina, Founder and Director... Read more
Dubai’s mentions in online forums and social networks grows
Dubai’s share in mentions in online forums and social networks has grown dramatically over the past few months. In May, the mentions outnumbered Hong Kong, according to the results of a survey released by Mediastow, a media intelligence agency in the Middle East. The study which monitored Dubai’s online... Read more
Tactile perception: “some like it furry”
A woman’s hormonal makeup drives her taste in fabrics and textures, with “estrogen-driven” women preferring animal fabrics such as wool, fur, leather, or silk, while their “testosterone-driven” sisters go for vegetal materials such as cotton and linen. So reveals Diana Derval of the market research firm DervalResearch. She just... Read more
How to fight a price war
All war is based on deception. So how do you fight a price war? In last month’s pricing survival guide, John Lincoln, Vice-President – Enterprise Marketing, du, talked about knowing your enemy and pricing strategies. This month he tells us how to jump into battle. What is a price... Read more
A leading consultant on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) says that too many companies in the Middle East are still just dabbling in philanthropy and are only just discovering community involvement partnerships. Veronica Scheubel, an author, organisational consultant and lecturer on corporate sustainability, says the practice of community involvement is... Read more
Mediastow, a media intelligence company in the Middle East, anticipates that leading social media website Facebook will lose its popularity in 10 to 15 years. Mo Elzubeir, Founder and Managing Director of Mediastow, says: “When it comes to the Internet, everything is cyclical. The fate of MySpace demonstrates how... Read more
Hitting bulls-eye
Your pitch might not be exactly what a journalist is looking for, but it might spark off an idea; helping to inadvertently create ideas will secure you coverage time and time again, says Alan Devereux, Communications Officer for the British Business Group, Dubai and Northern Emirates. What is the... Read more
Content may be considered king but an award-winning script, badly presented, will swiftly dilute audience attention, according to Mike Atack, the man behind Talking Presentations. He said that statistics reveal that boring presentations are those that focus only on the content. “The Wall Street Journal conducted a survey among... Read more