Search is only the tip of the iceberg today. With myriad solutions for business, has Google proved that being cool and being capable need not be contradictory? There are no two ways about it ? Google came, saw, and conquered the search market. The rapidity with which Google has... Read more
Why do Enterprise Resource Projects (ERP) suffer? Ayman Abouseif is a seasoned executive with 25 years of experience with multi-national corporations in the Middle East. This month he answers some of our readers’ most frequently asked questions on ERP. Q: Many ERP projects do not go as planned. What... Read more
Digital pollution, data debris, or just plain madness. Call it what you will, but are you a victim? It’s got to the point where information, which should be useful, has in some cases become a distraction. So how do you plan to tackle this? CIO Jeff Saper drives a... Read more
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Easy does it

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Most regional Website owners seem to care a lot more about looks – which, mind you, matter too – than they do about actual usage. From a business point of view, this prevents sites from providing their true potential ROI, says Fahed Bizzari, CEO of Online Associates. Have you... Read more
As download speeds continue to increase and Internet users download more and more data-rich content on a regular basis, there is a greater need for on demand, reliable wireless networks. Leo Psara from Minerva, explains how wireless broadband solutions deliver measurable bottom line benefits. Several computers sharing the same... Read more
In today’s world, knowing the customer is not enough anymore, says Carel Badenhorst, Head Technology Practice at SAS Institute Middle East. While successful retailers are only now beginning to achieve customer-centricity by replacing the product focus that dominated the 20th century with a deep understanding of the consumer, they... Read more
User-generated online media now ties with traditional media for influence in the technology decision-making and purchasing process according to a new study by Hill & Knowlton. The Tech Decision Makers Study also finds word of mouth and industry analyst coverage second only to prior personal experiences when it comes... Read more
Banks face pretty much the same business challenge as most other businesses- The need to optimise their customer experience. This isn’t about making their clients feel good; it’s about increasing their revenue and staying afloat in these troubled financial waters. This excerpt from a white paper by HP explains... Read more
Every department at work these days requires well-orchestrated support from IT. It is no longer nerdy; technology is a business necessity. This was evident when our panellists had to field a surprising number of questions from CEOs and other non-techie audience members on implementing technology for better business returns.... Read more