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Milly Pack FZE: Ace in the pack

We met up with the dynamic team behind Milly Pack FZE – a growth-stage business that has successfully created a niche for itself in the market and is slowly making its way to the top….


The packaging industry is a thriving sector in the UAE. Which industries do you cater to and how is the growth in this sector?

We target various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, confectionary and automobile. Going by current market trends and expert analysis, the UAE will see massive growth in its packaging industry over the next five years – so it is the ideal time for us to be operating in this sector.

How is the competition in the packaging industry? What gives you an edge over your competitors?

Competition is quite healthy in the packaging industry, which is always good for growth. Our core strengths are: quality products and reliable service. Focusing on these, without getting sidelined by competition, is what will keep us on top of the market.

How do you ensure that you are adhering to the right protocols in packaging products from different sectors?

Packaging is the backbone of all product industries; every industry has its own protocols and quality benchmarks. For example, the food industry is very specific about the standard of raw materials that we use to make their packaging material. We strictly follow such instructions to ensure highest quality products.

What are key trends that will shape the packaging industry in 2015?

In 2015, there is an increased demand for superior quality products with high-end, sophisticated finishing. As the competition is very tight, manufacturers are investing heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and machinery in order to produce quality products that will meet the needs of the market.

What attracted you to open your business at RAK FTZ?          

What’s great about operating our company at RAK FTZ is the continued assistance provided by RAK FTZ in each and every aspect of the business. We are extremely grateful to the RAK FTZ management for their excellent support and very much look forward to sustaining this solid partnership with them.

milly How important is technology for you?

In the age of the digital revolution, technology has become an integral part of our lifestyle and plays a critical role in industrial production. With rapid advancement of technology, the problems we face in production procedures have significantly reduced. Currently, we’ve implemented several ‘quality control’ mechanisms which enable us to reduce error, enhance product quality and stay on par with international benchmarks.

What is your vision for the future? Do you have plans of setting up operations outside RAK?

We have massive growth and development plans for the next few years. Following the collaborative support we’ve received from RAK FTZ’s management, we are planning to open few other exciting projects in the near future. Moreover, we are also in the planning stages of multiplying our plant’s capacity to be three times of what it is now.

What advice would you give to fellow SMEs in this region?   

Definitely consider expanding operations across different Emirates – particularly RAK! With the backing of RAK FTZ’s management and other prominent partners, SMEs can surely flourish and take their businesses to new levels.

Rushika Bhatia

Rushika Bhatia is one of the region’s leading commentators on business and current affairs issues. She is the Editor of SME Advisor magazine - the flagship title of CPI Business. She is passionate about infographics – with special emphasis on data, research and statistics. Rushika has a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University, USA and is also CIMA qualified.