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Opportunity in a time of change | key steps to maximize SME performance
The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina

8:30am - 5:00pm
October 12th 2015

Opportunity in a time of change - key steps to maximize SME performance

How can a business profit in a changing economic climate? How can it understand the key windows of opportunity and seize the moment as a catalyst for change and positive growth? The answers are presented here - in a critical keynote panel discussion raising the crucial topics and providing a catalogue of landmark solutions for SME owners across the region.

It’s vital that businesses start to understand the new agendas that are emerging; it’s all-important to have the accurate data and market intelligence to avoid the impact of negative tendencies likely to cloud the current outlook.

As the UAE expands infrastructure opportunities in the lead-up to Expo 2020, will your business have the know-how, the quality and the resources to deliver in a time of fresh promise? The Growth Agenda gives SME owners the vital clues and a vibrant blueprint for change. It covers key agendas such as:


Target the opportunities, outrun the constraints

A comprehensive and topical agenda will give you the strategic and financial guidance to hold the business steady in turbulent times - and discover, nurture and deliver powerful areas for growth. The panel discussion brings together keynote influencers from Government, finance, strategy, HR, economics and IT, in a targeted debate that tackles the raft of relevant and engaging issues, including –

A practical and inspirational forum, ‘Opportunity in a time of change’ is committed to helping SMEs maximize performance at a time when the stakes for failure and success have never been greater…