Office team building through corporate sport Office team building through corporate sport

On the 10th of February, dozens of teams from companies throughout the UAE descended on The Sevens complex for the Hercules Trophy. Inspired, Guillaume Mariole from Ignite fitness & wellness discusses team building through corporate sport and how your company could benefit from events like these.

Expand your circle

  • Team building activities are not simply for the benefit of internal teams and departments. They are also about building and strengthening relationships with customers and suppliers through the camaraderie of sport. In today’s cut throat world of competition, strong relationships and continued loyalty are more important than ever.

Self development

  • Team building activities also give great benefit to the self-development of the individual.  Employees are empowered by determining their own strengths and weaknesses, which in turn mean they can best determine what role they should adopt within the company, what they can contribute most to the company and in what direction their future lies.

Morale boost

  • In our post-financial crisis world, many businesses in the region are suffering from low morale.  Staffs have been laid off, pay freezes implemented, targets are increasingly difficult to reach and competition is fierce. Effective team building in response is the ideal way to reinforce employee engagement, strengthen internal corporate culture and re-instil pride for your role and place within the company.

Building trust

  • Team building via corporate games are specifically designed to suit every age and ability within the company. They are designed to bring out the best in all participants and help to include rather than exclude. This enables high levels of trust to be built within teams, which is a sure-fire way to improve the way teams, work together.

Competitive spirit

  • Team building events nurture a healthy dose of competitive spirit whilst remaining fair and on a level playing field. Activities require teams to think a task through and act and perform as a team in a fun and action packed manner.


  • Team building events are flexible enough for companies to focus on the areas they wish be they strengthening existing teams, breaking down the hierarchy or forging better inter-departmental ties.

Common goals

  • If you look at the companies around you with a strong corporate culture and excellent profits, you will always find a hard-working and dedicated team behind this success. This doesn’t happen by accident, rather it happens by design; the design of well thought out effective team building activities to enable each individual to effectively work towards common goals.

Breaking down barriers

  • By investing in team building activities out of the office, the benefits to participants are far more extensive than they would be if held in the office. Held externally, political and personal benefits are broken down, distractions are eliminated and more fun is had.

Leadership skills

  • Team building improves leadership, moral skills and enhances communications, decision-making and self-confidence.

Healthy living

  • By focusing on team building via sports, companies are educating the workforce on the importance of incorporating health, fitness and wellness into their lives. Promoting healthy living at grass-roots level is vital in this region due to the ever-increasing issues with obesity levels and diabetes.

Stress reduction

  • Team building through sport has far reaching benefits to handling stress-levels amongst employees. Stress-related illness has substantial negative effects on productivity as well as being a huge cause of absenteeism. By elimination stress through sport, you are investing in the wellbeing of your team members.

Guillaume Mariole, Managing Director of Ignite fitness & wellness

Ultimately, team building events improve the ability of each of your team members to work together and in turn this improves the productivity and increases the profitability of your business.

At Ignite fitness & wellness, we recognise the importance of team building and have a specific corporate division to support UAE-based companies with this and more. Whether your company wants a one-off event, a comprehensive corporate wellness programme or simply the tools to make some positive changes in house, we can help. Please get in touch and let us help you secure the future of your business.


Guillaume Mariole is the Managing Director of Ignite Fitness & Wellness. For more information, call 04 305 0844 or email

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