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Portable power

Sanyo Gulf, a subsidiary of Sanyo Electric Company Limited, a provider in rechargeable battery technology, has announced the release of the eneloop mobile booster (KBC-L2BS) – a lithium-ion battery with USB power ports capable of supplying power to the latest gadgets, the iPad, a tablet PC and the iPhone by Apple as well as the Xperia, a smart phone by Sony Ericsson in addition to other mobile phones.

Through its built-in USB terminals, the KBS-L2BS is capable of supplying power to mobile phones, smart phones such as the iPhone, portable audio players, portable game consoles, and various other mobile devices. Common mobile phone chargers using dry-cell batteries may not be capable of effectively supplying power to some devices requiring large charging current. The KBS-L2BS controls charging current to a device and offers output current of 1A which is twice as high compared to the former model (KBC-L2AS), offering stable power to devices requiring large charging current, such as the iPad and Xperia. In addition, an associated micro USB attachment makes this product compatible with devices that take in power through a micro USB terminal, such as the Xperia.

The KBS-L2BS, equipped with two USB output terminals, is capable of simultaneously supplying power to two mobile devices when power output is 500mA. When using one USB output terminal only with output power being 500mA, power can be supplied for up to about 4 hours (about 2 hours when output power is 1A). When using two USB output terminals simultaneously, about 2 hours of power supply is possible from each terminal. The KBS-L2BS may be recharged through the associated AC adapter or a USB terminal of a PC using an included USB cable.

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Six step protection

Blue Coat Systems, a provider of Web security and WAN optimisation solutions, have introduced the Blue Coat ProxyOne appliance. The ProxyOne appliance brings the same Web security used by 88% of the Fortune Global 500 to organisations that require a low-touch solution at an affordable price point. In 2010, 70% of small and medium-sized businesses were using social media tools.  According to Panda Security, 30% of those businesses reported malware infections spread via social networks. Traditional network security solutions adopted by these businesses, such as firewalls and desktop anti-virus software, cannot keep pace with these increasingly sophisticated Web-based threats. Instead, comprehensive protection requires a Web security defence to complement these traditional defences.

The Blue Coat ProxyOne appliance integrates Web filtering, inline malware and anti-virus scanning and on-box reporting to enable safer use of Web 2.0 applications. To provide protection from the latest threats without requiring Web security expertise, ProxyOne appliances can be deployed and configured in six steps by an IT generalist. They also include pre-configured policies and deliver automatic software upgrades and immediate security updates.

Blue Coat ProxyOne appliances are now available. Pricing for the first year starts at $8,999 (AED 32,846) for 100 users.

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Peachtree empowerment

Sage Software, the global supplier of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to medium and large organisations, has announced a huge 50% discount on upgrades to its Peachtree accounting software to allow more UAE-based businesses to benefit from the advanced financial management capabilities of the application.

Mushahid Saify, Channel Manager - Small Business Division, Sage Software

The promotion is aimed at delivering the latest technologies, as outdated software can lead to various problems including limited access to technical support; data migration issues; incompatibility with critical applications and reduced user-friendliness especially for new employees. Periodic changes in operating systems and configurations, security software, and hardware require equal updates to existing business management solutions. As such, Sage will offer customers and business partners the opportunity to undertake this for its Peachtree product at the discounted rate for a limited time.

Peachtree and other offerings from Sage combine to form business management solutions for the region’s enterprises. Sage Peachtree in particular supports strong integration with Microsoft applications; built-in CRM; compatibility with the latest operating and security software; security measures; remote connectivity; several third party add-ons; user-friendly design and provisions for organisational growth for small businesses. Peachtree has set of modules such as General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), Inventory Management and Fixed Asset Management essential to managing corporate finances and providing an edge over competitors. It also offers construction, manufacturing, distribution and auditing verticals that provide industry-specific features.

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