Construction outlook: MENA region Construction outlook: MENA region

Imdaad, the leading provider of integrated facilities management solutions in the GCC, has revealed recently that the company expects the construction sector to remain a key growth catalyst for the facilities management (FM) industry, driving long-term market revenues in the GCC to reach up to USD 816 billion within the next 25 years. Around USD 4.3 trillion worth of construction projects will be undertaken across the MENA region over the next decade, representing a growth of 20% through 2020 and more importantly opening new opportunities for growth and innovation in the FM industry.

Government-led infrastructure development initiatives will account for a large share of the construction expenditure in the region, prompting FM companies to focus on integrated FM solutions that cater to the specific maintenance and management requirements of key infrastructure facilities. The UAE in particular, represents a key growth destination as recent statistics reveal that over USD 28.8 billion[1] in construction contracts were awarded in 2011 alone, accordingly driving the demand for specialised FM services in the country.

Mahmood Rasheed, COO, Imdaad, said: “The construction sector in the MENA region is expected to achieve a growth of 80% by 2020, outpacing the global growth rate of 67% during the same period. This represents a huge window of opportunity for the facilities management industry to expand and cater to the corresponding surge in demand for specialised FM services. Major construction projects now increasingly integrate facilities management concepts and techniques, underlining the growing importance of strategic FM in the lifecycle of key projects in the region. Imdaad continues to realign and reassess its growth and expansion strategy across the GCC to be able to complement the steady growth of the region’s construction industry.”

Imdaad has gained a strong reputation in the region as an adopter and implementer of the latest FM technologies and practices. The company acquires eco-friendly equipment and prioritises sustainability across all its operations. It also conducts recycling training for its clients and corporate partners along with free recycling bins and collection services.

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