DBWC session focuses on diamonds DBWC session focuses on diamonds

Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) hosted prominent gemologist Ziad Khaled during a new session of the Network Majlis, which was held under the title Secrets of Diamonds. The Network Majlis was held at Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).

Khaled took the opportunity to talk about the 4 Cs of diamond value (cut, colour, clarity, carat weight). He also touched upon aspects such as diamond mining, appreciating diamonds and also about caring for diamond jewellery, drawing upon his vast experience in the field having worked with major jewellery manufacturers and international diamond retailers in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Khaled concluded his talk with a practical session using a loupe, which helped participants get a better understanding about the finer points of diamonds.

Raja Al Gurg, President, Dubai Business Women Council, said: “Diamonds are often called a woman’s best friend, and Khaled’s presentation today reaffirmed this. It was a highly engaging and informative session that enlightened us about several aspects of diamonds that we never knew. As business women we also have something to learn from the diamond; we need not be born leaders, but with determination, hard work and a commitment to succeed, we too can make a long-lasting impact in the business domain and let our achievements shine like a diamond.”

Gemologist Ziad Khaled pictured with attendees at the DBWC Network Majlis.

A graduate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA),California, recognised as the world’s foremost authority in gemology, Ziad Khaled currently teaches at GIA Middle East inDubai. He has previously worked with Robert Mouawad Group in Saudi Arabia where, as Gemologist and Designing Administrative Manager, he had access to many of the rarest and finest gems. He then worked in retail as a gemologist and showroom manager at one of the biggest jewellery manufacturers in Lebanon, before joining De Beers LVMH in Dubai. Prior to joining GIA Middle East, Khaled was offered a new challenge and was designated as Gemologist and Business Development Manager at the International Diamond Laboratories, IDL.

Founded in 2002, DBWC motivates women to be productive members of the society, while encouraging role models to rise up from the ranks and inspire other women around the world, especially in the Arab region, to discover their true potential. DBWC organises the high-profile monthly event Network Majlis to provide information about the latest knowledge, skills and best practices for women entrepreneurs and leaders.


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