The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division at the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) is hosting awareness sessions for retailers in Dubai on the Consumer Law No. (24) 2006 and a number of international policies that comply with the law including refund, exchange, warranty, invoice policy and services provided.

This initiative is in line with DED’s efforts to strengthen awareness among more retailers this year, and to develop policies for adhering to the Consumer Protection Law criteria that covers the merchant-customer relations.

The sessions led by experts from the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division will last for 25 days and cover nine shopping malls, with the projected participation of more than 5000 retailers, trade and key business groups such as gold & jewellery, electronics, automobile and textiles.

“Customer protection is the key to building an efficient business environment, and we are committed to issuing and enforcing policies that strengthen the harmonious relations between the customers and merchants. The training sessions are in line with DED’s strategic plan to provide protection for consumers as per international standards. We focused on the policies which are being highlighted at the training sessions based on the complaints lodged by customers during 2010,” said Omar Bushahab, CEO, Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division, DED.

“Last year, we conducted an awareness campaign on consumer rights among 3000 traders and 1500 sales staff at several retail outlets in 2010, which brought tangible benefits. We aim to raise the service standards provided by the retail sector and thus strengthen consumer confidence which will boost market competitiveness,” added Bushahab.

Mr Abdulla Al Shehi, Director of Compliance & Consumer Protection at DED, explained: “We conducted field visits to Dubai Shopping Malls Group, Traders Association and a number of retailers to identify the pros and cons of last year’s campaign. This year, we expect a larger number of participants, and thus further enhance consumer awareness among the community.”

“We work with concerned government authorities to control any negative trade practices, and strengthen the relationship between the trader and consumer. DED is always on the look out to ensure the protection of all members of the community and ensure their safety,” said Mohammed Lootah, Deputy CEO, Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division, DED.

The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division in DED has launched a special website, that acts as a reference guide on consumer protection. The website provides specific instructions for consumers, including extracts regarding the UAE’s directives on Consumer Law No. (24) 2006, the responsibilities of consumers, shopping advice, and pointers to consider before making complaints on purchases. The site also includes steps to help resolve consumers’ problems with a retailer / seller.

Consumers can also register a complaint at DED by sending an email to, or by calling Ahlan Dubai on +971 600 545555.

Rushika Bhatia Editor

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