EDIsecure LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System features multiple security technologies to avert credential manipulation and forgery
Digital Identification Solutions AG, a global provider of high-security identification solutions, will exhibit its EDIsecure LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System, a desktop laser color personalization system, at Intersec 2009, a major international security and safety trade show and conference running from January 18 to 20, 2009 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, UAE.
EDIsecure LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System integrates the advantages of high-quality XID Retransfer color printing and secure laser engraving on a single card in a one-step process, thus making credential forgery and manipulation highly impossible. The system’s various security features include on-demand personalization of data as micro text; Changeable Laser Image and Multiple Laser Image; tactile effects; high resolution gradient ultraviolet printing; electronic guilloche; and Invisible Personal Information. It will be displayed at booth number 5701C of Intersec 2009.
Gerd Schaefer, CEO, Digital Identification Solutions AG, said: The LCP 9000 marks an important milestone in secure ID card personalization. This system can produce up to 120 single-sided cards in just an hour, and in full color printing in combination with laser engraving. It is ideal for ultra-high-secure government applications. In addition, its Advanced Intelligent Printer Management feature supports the production of even more cards via a parallel workflow. The LCP 9000 can personalize all card materials, including polycarbonate, and even more cost-efficient ABS and PET card bodies.
The system’s XID Retransfer technology features over-the-edge full color printing for either single- or double-sided cards with outstanding image quality. The Laser Engraver Unit allows inline laser personalization of personal data and images, also on either card side penetrating the card body, therefore adding additional levels of security. Different encoding options such as magnetic stripe encoding, as well as contact or contactless chip technology, can be utilized. To maximize card security and durability, the system can even be combined with inline lamination modules for front and / or back side lamination using EDIsecure clear and secure laminates.
The EDIsecure LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System is available as a modular system of individual components which can be configured and combined according to customer specifications. The Laser Engraver Unit is also available as a standalone system – EDIsecure LES 9000 – for black and white laser engraving only with a capacity of up to 320 single-sided cards an hour. It is equipped with a lockable automatic card hopper for 350 cards and optional integrated encoders for magnetic stripe and smart cards. The LES 9000’s speed and modularity make it highly competitive against very high-end mainframe segments which require significantly higher machine investments and maintenance.
The introduction of this new system places us miles ahead of other vendors and further strengthens our market position especially in the government sector. In combination with our latest IDExpert SmartACT Credential Management Software and our recently introduced high-speed Image Capture Module CCD 7000, our group offers an unbeatable solution in both centralized and decentralized market segments. The launch of this product is another fruit of our long-term strategy which was initiated by our successful IPO in May 2006. The LCP 9000 solution is our single most important product launch since the founding of our company five years ago, concluded Schaefer.
The Digital Identification Solutions Group will also introduce the new Laser Color Personalization System to the public in several upcoming trade fairs and exhibitions.

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