Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC (du) released its inaugural Quarterly Reporting System, demonstrating customer service report scores for  2011. This is the first of its kind report for both the region and the industry, demonstrating improvements and transparency in customer service channels from 2010. The full report is available here.

Placing customer satisfaction as a top priority, du has established and implemented Customer Service parameters with the aim to elevate the level of service, to improve upon its target standards. These improved, streamlined systems have introduced higher efficiencies through du’s contact centre’s e-mail, directory inquiries and social media channels leading to quicker resolution and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

“The Customer Service Report is a first of its kind report initiated by any telecom service provider in the UAE that lends itself to demonstrate improvements and transparency in the area of customer service.  At du, we are committed to constantly streamline our systems and processes to improve and evolve customer service experiences,” said Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer, du. He added: “A milestone which is dear to us was the opening of a new customer care centre in Fujairah in 2011, which is managed and staffed entirely by UAE nationals to provide local voices for local support.” He added

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