Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC), an agency of the Dubai Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, launched the Dubai Export Academy with the aim to enhance the exporting skills of UAE firms to ensure that they become successful in expanding into foreign markets. As the only Centre of Excellence dedicated purely to export related knowledge, it seeks to provide a unique combination of practical, on-the-ground information of foreign markets with generic export related management knowledge.
“EDC, as an agency of the Dubai Department of Economic Development, is responsible to promote Dubai and the UAE’s products and services as well as increase exports from Dubai. Over the years, we have had a good dialogue with our members and one of the major issues raised was the inability to obtain ground knowledge of foreign markets.
“In today’s competitive business environment it is not just about having a great product to export, but knowing how to get it into foreign markets in a profitable manner. We have many successful companies who have penetrated foreign markets and the Academy seeks to capitalise on their knowledge and experience through practical workshops and seminars,” said Engineer Saed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Officer, EDC.
The topics that the Dubai Export Academy intends to conduct in 2010 include Negotiating Skills for Exporters, Brazilian Public Bidding Opportunities,  Export Opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Selling Skills for Exporters, Export Opportunities in Egypt, Business Etiquette and Culture for Foreign Markets, and Customer Care for Export Success amongst others.
Among the specific objectives EDC Training Academy is to encourage local companies in the UAE to start exporting their products and services while companies that are already exporting to consider penetrating new markets. The Dubai Export Academy is also seeking to equip businesses in the UAE with skills and knowledge in key areas to enhance their global competitiveness along with creating a platform whereby exporters are able to share their experiences of the global markets while at the same time educating them of best international practices.

A more detailed programme is available on the EDC website (

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