Connectivity benefits to schools Connectivity benefits to schools

Ericsson and the Earth Institute at Columbia University join forces with Djibouti Telecom and the Djibouti Government to expand the “Connect To Learn” initiative to the Arab world.

As the first country in the region to launch “Connect To Learn,” Djibouti will introduce the project as part of the Drylands Initiative, which was initiated to address the deepening humanitarian, economic and security crisis of pastoralist communities and encompasses eight sites across six countries.

“We are looking forward to start working on getting the project off the ground in Djibouti,” said Abdulrahman Mohamed Hassan, Djibouti Telecom’s CEO. “With Ericsson’s expertise and the strong commitment and involvement of governments at the regional and national level, including a ministerial-level working group, I’m sure the initiative will successfully bring connectivity to rural communities and help them achieve their educational goals.”

The project will focus on bringing the benefits of connectivity to secondary schools in the country using the power of cloud-based technology, specifically PC as a service.  It will also use the knowledge and experience of the Djibouti Government and the Earth Institute to implement information and communications technology (ICT) in three secondary schools in resource poor settings to enhance the quality and access to teaching and learning resources in a safe, cost-effective and user-friendly way.

Anders Lindblad, President and head of the Middle East region at Ericsson stressed that “The ‘Connect To Learn’ initiative, serves as a powerful demonstration of the role ICT can play to bring connectivity and efficiency in education.   Reinforcing our commitment to use technology for good in a networked society, this initiative and partnership with Djibouti Telecom enables students in Djibouti to unlock the key to access the worldwide library of information and content on the web.”

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