Etisalat confirmed that its BlackBerry plan offers Unlimited Data Services in 120 countries around the world while roaming without any additional charges regardless of usage in these markets. Subscribers can use the BlackBerry service and all its applications across these 120 countries without any additional charge. This announcement came in response to an email hoax, which wrongly informed customers that they could face charges for using their BlackBerry.
Etisalat’s roaming agreements cover most of the popular destinations around the globe through partnerships with 330 international operators. To learn more about the countries the BlackBerry service is offered in as well as other Etisalat services, subscribers can call Etisalat by dialling 101.
According to Essa Al Haddad, Chief Marketing Officer at Etisalat, “Etisalat is the only operator which offers such a plan whereby our customers can enjoy the BlackBerry service even while roaming without any additional fee regardless of their usage. As long as our customers are able to enjoy the BlackBerry service while roaming all usage charges are included in the BlackBerry package.“
He added: “Our customers can enjoy a wide variety of BlackBerry applications and services which introduce a lot of value and savings like BlackBerry Messenger, Internet browsing and email in addition to many applications like Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, WorldMate Live and GPS.”
In response to another enquiry, Etisalat affirmed that the popular BlackBerry Messenger service does not incur extra charges for usage.
Al Haddad added: “BlackBerry Messenger is one of the most attractive applications that allows users to send instant messages and files to each other free of charge with all data usage included in the package.”
Etisalat also responded to queries from subscribers about service delays in the BlackBerry Messenger. Due to an international network connection issue related to expansion of the BlackBerry network, some BlackBerry customers may have experienced some delays with BlackBerry Messenger service last week. The issue has since been resolved in coordination with our partners and the service is now working at peak performance.
BlackBerry users can also benefit from the applications portal that Etisalat has to offer in order for them to increase productivity and access a wide variety of applications ranging from navigation to document management applications. Users may visit the portal at ( through the BlackBerry browser, to download and use these applications.

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