Etisalat announced an attractive promotion for its Business Audio Conferencing Service. Customers can subscribe to the service free of charge, through a promotion which is valid till 5th June, 2009.

The Business Audio Conferencing service provides an efficient & economical alternative for employees based out of various locations to rapidly meet virtually (through conferencing) and make collaborative decisions. In the current economic environment where cost reductions have become critical, audio conferencing can lead to substantial savings by reducing the travel time and cost .

?Business Audio Conferencing is an instant communication solution that provides enhanced productivity, day in and day out, without the need to travel and meet face to face” said Abdulla Hashim, VP, Business Solutions, Etisalat. “The service is a convenient solution for companies of all sizes who are looking for a high quality, simple conferencing solution to make internal and external communication easier, faster and more economical within companies.?

The service allows subscribers with telephone numbers to invite their clients/customers/ colleagues to call at a specified time through a simple process. The host also provides the attendees of the meetings with a password (for security) which they have to enter when they dial in the number.

The Business Audio Conferencing service can accommodate a maximum of 120 callers per single audio conference and has the ability to send email and SMS to inform the participants about the meeting. Customers can also use a friendly web interface to initiate Audio Conference. The conference recording facility can be of great value for future reference to the proceedings of the meeting. Customers also have the option to initiate a meeting while they are on the move by inviting a predefined participants list through a mobile call to an IVR system.

Customers can control their costs by choosing from two flexible payment options to suit their needs:

Participants dial 8008000 number and the call charge is paid by the host.

Participants dial 600530000 number and the call charge is shared by the host and participants.

For more information, customers can call 800 ASK(800275) or visit the Etisalat website on

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