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Econsultancy has announced a brand new best practice guide, focused on the use of Facebook for businesses in the Middle East and North Africa. The 67-page report is a first for the region, and explores localisation issues, focusing on optimising content for audiences in the MENA region.

The Facebook for Businesses in MENA Report is a comprehensive guide to the specific challenges and opportunities relating to social media marketing in the Middle East. The report, authored by experienced digital marketing consultant Husam Jandal, is essential reading for marketers based in MENA who are looking to embark or expand upon their Facebook marketing strategy, as well as those outside the region looking to conduct business in the Middle East.

The report looks at the process of setting up pages, and explains some of the tools available to help with this process. There are also case studies for many different industries, with tips on good and bad practices and stats across demographic, psychographic, and geographic factors specific to region.

Husam Jandal, author of The Facebook for Business in MENA Report, says: “Let’s face it; Facebook is the most popular social communication tool that we have today in the region. With the majority of internet users already on it, and actively using it, businesses have a great opportunity to tap into Facebook world by having a clear strategy and using proven methods. The key here is to understand the region, its culture, and design a Facebook plan combined with best practices to get the desired results from this powerful platform. There is a huge gap between what Facebook users are looking for and how businesses are currently dealing with this channel, therefore I partnered with Econsultancy to create this unique business guide for Facebook in the region.”

Amy Rodgers, Research Analyst at Econsultancy and one of the report’s editors, added: “The report is a first for the region, examining the country-specific differences between marketing in the MENA region and elsewhere. Cultural and religious influences have a large impact on the use of social media in the region, and there are multiple languages that must be taken into consideration, which all affect the content and tone of social media messages.

“The report underlines the fact that a one-size-fits-all approach definitely doesn’t work in the Middle East, meaning it is crucial for marketers to understand how a localised and careful approach is vital for a Facebook page to produce ROI.”

The report complements Econsultancy’s Facebook Pages for Business Best Practice Guide, a 112-page report which contains best practice information and advice relating to the planning, designing and building of Facebook pages for brands, organisations and products, and contains case studies from Europe and North America.

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