Law firms to offer registration Law firms to offer registration

The Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) Division of the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) will expand its e-Services window by offering those services through law firms in Dubai by August 2012.

The initiative will be a significant value addition for business owners and investors as it allows them to complete business registration faster and at their convenience. The initiative also reflects DED’s persistent efforts to enhance the UAE’s top rankings in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report for 2013 and promote the country as a globally competitive business hub.

Representatives from various law firms in Dubai attend the BRL workshop

An internationally competitive and competent business registration system that offers added value and flexible procedures is one of the criteria against which countries are ranked in the Doing Business Report.

Mohammed Shael, CEO, Business Registration and Licensing Division at DED, said: “DED has been utilising online platforms to offer an advanced, flexible, convenient and diverse suite of services to customers, reinforcing Dubai’s reputation as one of the best and competitive business destinations. BRL services are available through three main channels – the four DED branch offices in Dubai, DED’s strategic partners, and the website”

“The first phase of the new initiative has been successfully implemented to provide BRL services electronically across four law firms starting August 2012. The four law firms are Habib Al Mulla & Company, Al Tamimi & Company Advocates and Legal Consultants, Holman Fenwick Willan Middle East LLP – Dubai, and Ahmed Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants,” added Shael.

“BRL had organised a workshop on the business registration system for 14 representatives from law firms in Dubai. The objective was to enable law firms to use DED’s data and process BRL services to renew licences, issue initial approvals, reserve trade names and print licenses for clients on DED’s website in their own premises,” said Jassim Abdel Rahman Al Awadi, Section Head, Development & Follow-Up Sector in BRL.

“BRL continues to work on creating solutions that serve clients, from entrepreneurs to owners of establishments and commercial licences. We have completed the first phase through the qualification of a number of law firms in the emirate of Dubai, and will train employees from a fresh batch of law firms during the last quarter of 2012. Thus, BRL services will be steadily available electronically across all law firms in Dubai in a short period,” added Al Awadi.

Representatives of law firms that participated in the BRL workshop were honoured by DED. “These law firms confirm the strength of the strategic partnership between DED and the private sector and we therefore value their efforts. Together with DED, these firms represent the strong linkages and reputation that qualifies the Emirate of Dubai,” said Shael.

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