SmartCity Malta and TECOM Investments’ Education Cluster, comprising the business parks of Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City, organised a networking event for educational and training companies looking to expand their business interests through partnership with overseas institutions.

Held on 7th December at the Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) Conference Centre, the event was attended by companies from Dubai and the Republic of Malta.

The networking event included forums and one-to-one meetings between companies with common business interests. Education companies keen on global expansion explored partnership opportunities in student exchange programs, licensing of teaching expertise, and developing courses currently unavailable in the region.

Dr Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director of TECOM Investments’ Education Cluster, said, “Education providers around the world, including business partners of Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City, are keen to forge partnerships to expand their operations. With the objective of creating new values for our business partners, we have brought together companies from the Republic of Malta and our business parks to explore the potential for collaboration.”

Fareed Abdulrahman, Chief Executive Officer, SmartCity, said, “The international exposure afforded through the networking event served as a platform to maximise the Maltese educational institutes’ potential in new markets and discover new horizons for growth from SmartCity’s global network. The participants also benefited from the expertise and resources of the companies at Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City.”

Dr Charles Theuma, Principal, St. Martin’s Institute of Information Technology, said, “We were offered excellent hospitality in Dubai while our meetings were well organised. It has been a pleasure interacting with Dubai-based educational institutes to share our vision and ideas.  Both countries are similar in the fact that Dubai is the hub of the Middle East and Malta of the Mediterranean. We look forward to a fruitful and sustainable relationship between the two regions and hope to provide educational, training and consultancy services that contribute to mutual growth.”

The event drew the participation of Maltese educational institutions that have a presence in Cyprus, Libya, Greece and the UK. In addition, leading Maltese companies engaged in training and education for foreign language skills, IT and telecommunication, beauty and therapy, media/marketing, finance, and human resource management marked a presence at the Dubai event.


Rushika Bhatia Editor

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