Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announces new sustainability concept in Dubai Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announces new sustainability concept in Dubai

Dubai will be home to a brand new concept in sustainability, a one-stop marketplace offering solutions tailored to businesses, government and everyday consumers.

“The Change Initiative Dubai will be an exciting and convenient new flagship store for environmentally-friendly services and products. Never before has the opportunity to experience and purchase sustainable products been offered in a single location, nor such a breadth of class-leading solutions for homes and businesses alike,” said the company’s board member and leading global environmental advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The first company of its type in the region, The Change Initiative aims to do exactly what its name suggests: change behaviours by bringing together solutions and information that can help people make more responsible lifestyle choices.

“Global research indicates that increasing numbers of consumers are starting to appreciate the importance of adopting more environmentally-sustainable behaviour. The Change Initiative is reaching out to the growing community of people willing to factor sustainability into their purchase decisions and daily lifestyle,” said company CEO and founder Gundeep Singh.

The company’s 4,000 square-metre facility in Al Barsha will display a comprehensive range of solutions in five main categories. These span the Change Initiative’s Whole of Life business model: Energy, water, waste, food, and lifestyle.

Visitors to the marketplace will be able to learn about, try and buy solutions while gaining a vast amount of free information dedicated to encouraging more environmentally-responsible behaviour.

(L-R) Robert F. Kennedy with Gundeep Singh

Established in 2008, The Change Initiative has formed partnerships with global brands and multinational firms specialising in everything from sustainable cleaning products to solar panels, household appliances to building solutions.

A variety of leading business people and public figures from the around the world are also backing the company, including Loek Malmberg of the Skagen Group and Abdullah Mohammed Al Mazrui of Aramex.

“As a global commercial centre, Dubai is an ideal platform to launch The Change Initiative and further build our portfolio of business, knowledge and innovation partners, many of whom have based their Middle East operations in the emirate,” Singh added.

The Change Initiative is targeting up to 25 showrooms in the Middle East and Asia, and hopes to expand its 40-strong team to 5,000 employees over the next five years.


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