The changing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the Middle East, Africa and Turkey to be addressed at Avaya’s eight-city customer roadshow.

With more than 10 million[1] small and medium-sized enterprises driving the growth of GDPs across the wider Middle East region, Avaya, a provider of business communications applications, systems and services, is talking directly to these businesses about how to become more efficient and customer-focused.

Identifying organisations with fewer than 500 employees as The New Big force in powering regional economies, Avaya’s eight-city roadshow for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Africa will focus on empowering SMEs to collaborate with customers, colleagues and suppliers through a range of collaboration, video and networking solutions.

“Mid-sized organisations currently account for up to a third or more of the GDP in countries across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, and it is essential that they are properly equipped to achieve their business and growth objectives.  The days of complicated IT solutions, intended for larger enterprises, have come to an end; SMEs are busy expanding their core businesses, and need simple solutions that embrace innovation,” said Nidal Abou-Ltaif, VP of Middle East African and Turkey, Avaya.  “SMEs are constantly growing and agile – they invest in new technology because they understand that in order for their organisation to grow, they need to take informed decisions about which solutions can make them more competitive and customer-centric.”

Under the theme The New Big, customers attending the Avaya Forum will learn how Avaya has simplified the complexity of business communications systems, while retaining vital collaboration features.  Avaya IP office, suitable for SMEs with as few as five employees, now scales up to 1000 users. This solution gives mid-sized companies in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey a more cost-effective, simplified way to manage growing staff on a network across one or multiple sites.

Avaya IP Office can also be paired with Avaya’s recently introduced ERS 4000 series switches and Wi-Fi solutions to automate network set-up. One simple command automatically configures the switches and enables collaboration features – a time-saving, straightforward process that’s ideal for SMEs, which may not have dedicated IT staff. In addition, Avaya has made video more mobile, accessible and affordable to mid-size enterprises; customers no longer need to confine themselves in expensive video conferencing rooms to stay visually connected with their customers, peers and partners on their device of choice being an iPad, laptop or an android device

After launching in Dubai, the Avaya Forum will make stops in several cities in the coming months, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Istanbul, Nairobi, Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

[1] According to Consulting group McKinsey & Co (source: Zawya) The New Big PRLThe New Big PRL


Rushika Bhatia Editor

Rushika Bhatia is one of the region’s leading commentators on business and current affairs issues. She is the Editor of SME Advisor magazine - the flagship title of CPI Business. She is passionate about infographics – with special emphasis on data, research and statistics. Rushika has a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University, USA and is also CIMA qualified.

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