Selling sustainability Selling sustainability

In a feature article from the June issue of SME Advisor, we take a look at The Change Initiative, a new marketplace in Dubai that specialises in selling green products for businesses and consumers. I took a tour of the massive facility and spoke to Gundeep Singh, Founder of The Change Initiative.

Food and other products on display at The Change Initiative store in Dubai.

Launching such a project in a place like Dubai was a bit perplexing to me at first. The UAE, and Dubai in particular has become known as a place of excess wealth and luxurious living. However, Singh says he is confident that people will come around, and start paying more attention to the types of products they choose to buy. Basically, Singh says the new store will position itself as a one-stop shop for consumers and businesses who are looking to make more responsible purchases. It’s a place where people can visit to learn about the best options out there and to make up their minds.

“If you look at sustainability, when you compare the footprint of various nations, the residents of the UAE have the highest footprint for the use of energy per capita (water and waste). The only way is to go upwards, so to launch something like this is to bring to the forefront the need to make responsible decisions, to be sustainable and yet have fun,” he says.

To read the feature article, please click here.

Rushika Bhatia Editor

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