Picture this: more photos from SME Advisor Summit 2010
It was a hectic schedule at the SME Advisor Summit 2010 but from the looks of these pictures it was an enjoyable and informative day Read more
Multi-cultural business dealings
This region is a melting pot. That brings opportunities as well as challenges. Our experts gave valuable advice on finding common ground and cutting through cultural crossed-signals. Mike Byrne reports. Tranzeet lounge: An Emirati perspective Talib opened his module with a simple description of an orange and the need... Read more
Planning growth

Planning growth

Featured January 16, 2011 0

There is a time for caution tempered wisdom but, taken too far, it can seriously hamper business growth. So it’s good to see that these last few months many SMEs have got back in the game with renewed optimism. Our experts for this workshop explained how to take business... Read more
Show me the money
We sought the expertise of some of the region’s leading business minds. Three workshops, each split into a few mini modules, covered various SME concerns such as finance, human resources, technology and multi-cultural dealings. It was interesting to note that the session on money matters had the maximum number... Read more
Navigating your next steps
The experts from our panel play an important role in driving businesses in this region. They, literally, put their money where their mouth is and advised the audience based on first-hand experience. We bring you highlights from an entertaining and informative discussion on “Business in the brave new world... Read more
Mind your business

Mind your business

Events January 13, 2011 0

The SME Business Made Easy Summit, held on the morning of our awards, was an event that helped forge relationships, exchange knowledge, and open doors for business. Attendees ranged from entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts to directors and C-level executives. Our charming moderator, Dave Crane set the pace for a... Read more
SME Advisor Summit sneak peek!
The SME Advisor Summit, held on the morning and afternoon before the awards, proved a huge crowd pleaser. Entrepreneurs and business people gathered for a day packed with keynote speeches from renowned international and regional entrepreneurs, an informative panel discussion, workshops and one-on-one consultations for attendees. Here is a... Read more
Stay connected

Stay connected

Operations December 16, 2010 0

With the fast pace at which technology is moving it’s vital that businesses keep track. Social networking is a means of instant communication that can prove invaluable to SMEs – it’s a free platform on which to tell the world about your services, you thoughts, your ideas and to... Read more
SME Advisor Summit 2010 presentations
At SME Advisor, our strength lies in our ability to reach out to the business community and encourage dialogue between various stakeholders. The SME Advisor “Business Made Easy” Summit, held on the morning of our awards, was an event that helped forge relationships, exchange knowledge, and open doors for... Read more
Here we take a glance at the faces that helped make the SME Summit 2010 a huge success! You can also have a look at the Stars of Business Web site for photos and information. Read more