Trend Micro has forecast a 185% increase in malicious Android apps in 2013, while Adware and data stealers will also remain high-risk threats.

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Mobile apps pose greater risk

A recent analysis by Zscaler reveals that up to 10% of mobile apps expose passwords, while 40% communicate with third parties.

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Fast track to the cloud

A Symantec survey reveals that 46% of the UAE’ s SMEs who have no cloud capability are considering adopting this technology in the near term.

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Cloud computing spending surges

Bain & Company survey shows cloud computing products and services accounting for 8% of all technology spend.

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SME Advisor Sub Editor Joumana Saad takes the pulse of key business trends in the region, and gives an update on upcoming events to add to your calendar. This past month has been a busy one for the SME community, full of seminars, networking events and a few surprises... Read more
CFOs still rule the roost on IT investments, says Gartner
CFO influence in IT is growing as CFOs alone have authorised 26% of all IT investments, while CIOs alone have authorised only 5% of IT investments, according to a recent joint study by Gartner, Inc., Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) and the Committee of Finance & IT (CFIT) of... Read more