Check-ups before you check-in
This month occupational health specialist Dr. Sarah Peeters talks about preparations before heading off for a much needed vacation. It’s June again. We can feel the temperatures rising. The days are getting longer. And the air-conditioning is turned on high. Yes, spring is back, and turning into summer quickly.... Read more
Staying fit while travelling on business
Guillaume Mariole, from Ignite Fitness & Wellness, addresses our readers’ concerns about staying fit while travelling on business. Maintaining a fitness regime while travelling on business can be a challenge but, with a few small steps, you can go a long way to keep up your routine, optimise your... Read more
Realise your full potential
Tangled up and in knots with stress? This month Guillaume Mariole, from Ignite Fitness and Wellness, takes us through the steps to winding back down after a hectic day at the office. Work-related stress is a great threat to our health and wellbeing. We use it constantly as an... Read more
  What’s eating you? Guillaume Mariole from Physical Advantage explains how to fight off cancer as well as deal with your worst enemy at work. And no, that’s not your boss – it’s the office chair  Last month we touched on general nutrition and its effect on health and... Read more
  Make sure you stay hydrated. Training in the heat need not be a death-defying feat. Guillaume Mariole from Physical Advantage explains how you can reach your fitness goals just as easily in these summer months Unbearably hot weather can make life miserable and training next to impossible. Fear... Read more