The panel discussion at the SME Advisor Stars of Business Summit attracted a big attendance and invoked much participation from the audience. Several subject matter experts were invited along to give their thoughts and tips on the opportunities and challenges of doing business in the Middle East. We bring... Read more
The SME Advisor Stars of Business Summit 2011 was held on the morning and afternoon prior to our Awards and proved as much a hit with attendees as last year. We decided to bring even more added value in terms of speakers and subject matter discussions, whereby hot topics... Read more
Leadership: What’s your style?
The discussion on difference between a leader and a manager has been going on for some time. However, in these times of economic uncertainties, every organisation needs a manager who can be a leader and guide them. Sahar Moussly, Executive Director, Trans Gulf Management Consultancy, tells us what goes... Read more
Know thy business
If you are a fan of Greek philosophy then you will have pondered over the teachings of Socrates. You may have taken the time to know thy self but are you taking the time to truly know thy business, asks Vikram Venkataraman, Director, Salvus Strategic Advisors. Socrates was one... Read more
Alice in Wonderland and business plans
It is a jungle out there – a surreal land of make believe, fantasy and fiction at times. So how do you find your way through it to reach your destination? Vikram Venkataraman, Director, Salvus Strategic Advisors, feels that writing business plans is old news; understanding the thought process... Read more
UAE Labour Law Regulations – Changes & impact
Dubai Knowledge Village, a member of TECOM Investments, held a  panel discussion titled ‘UAE Labour Law Regulations – Changes & Impact’ which addressed recent changes to the employment regulations. The panel dicussion aimed to address some of the issues that have emerged in the last few years as a... Read more