Revisiting the basics of funding
Mohammad Abu Musa, CEO,, goes back to the basics as he outlines key strategies to access finance.  Finding an investor is just liking finding your customers, you must find them in the right place at the right time. Approaching investors with a straightforward mindset will help your business... Read more
Hayya: A socially-driven financial solution
What Amro Al Qubaisi is doing with his start-up Hayya is not just disruptive, but leaps and bounds ahead of the current market offering. But, will it sustain its unique model? What Amro envisions for the world of payments is quite extraordinary. He wants to create a financial solution that caters... Read more
Blockchain for business
How can SMEs deploy blockchain technology and exploit its advantages? Jean-Luc Scherer and Christophe Pinot of Innoopolis review existing data and tackle the question… The Middle East is known for its trading based history but also for its rapid growth based on oil revenues. At the same time, the dependency... Read more
Fuelling the future of FinTech
She’s far-sighted, ambitious and has a strong financial acumen. As we sit down with her, there’s no wonder why she’s at the forefront of the region’s most important FinTech development. She’s none other than Raja Al Mazrouei – Acting EVP of FinTech Hive at the prestigious DIFC. In a very... Read more
Closing the gap: cash management and your business
Cash is the ultimate SME dream and we have offered advice on several different ways to liberate your business cash flow. In the following feature, however, we speak to Hariraj Subramanian, Executive Director and Head of Cash Product Management at National Bank of Abu Dhabi, and present to you... Read more
Supply chain – opportunities for SMEs

Anirudha Panse, Head of Trade Finance Products at National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), shares his thoughts with small businesses looking to optimise the management of their working capital and cash

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Assessing your SME’s key profitability ratios

Profitability ratios can help you analyse your company’s ability to generate earnings, in relation to sales, assets and equity. Stuart Leung of, shares his practical analysis…

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Policy updates on financial assistance
Amongst the most talked about new concepts of the UAE Commercial Companies Law is the prohibition on financial assistance. Here, we asked experts at Clyde & Co. to look at the likely policy reasons for the introduction of a financial assistance prohibition, and at which entities and transactions are... Read more
In focus: Anti-bribery & corruption
Nicholas Cameron, Head of Forensic at KPMG, says that companies across the Middle East need to face up to increasing anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) challenges. Globalisation is posing greater challenges for anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) compliance than ever before. Two factors are key, according to a recent KPMG report.... Read more
The evolving landscape of trade finance

What are the global drivers of trade finance and what are the new opportunities that are emerging?

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