UAE Bankruptcy Law: A guide for business directors
The prospect of the new UAE Bankruptcy Law has given existing and aspiring entrepreneurs fresh expectations. The new UAE Bankruptcy Law (Federal Law No. 9 of 2016) has put a spotlight on the treatment of companies in financial difficulties in the United Arab Emirates. It comes into force on... Read more

MENA leads in cybersecurity

News February 24, 2015

According to a recent survey by information technology professionals, businesses and government leaders in the Middle East and North Africa are ahead of other parts of the world in setting cybersecurity as a priority. The survey, commissioned by Raytheon Company and titled “Global Megatrends in Cybersecurity 2015,” revealed that... Read more

The shift to mobile

News October 3, 2013 0

The growing influence of e-government and the shift to mobile will be top of the agenda at this year’s GITEX Technology Week.

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Government Communication Forum session showcased innovative strategies in government interaction with the public.

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In the years to come, growing healthcare spending will-impose a hefty burden on Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Governments. As we enter 2013, healthcare costs continue to increase in the region –partly due to the high prevalence of chronic diseases. Today, thanks to systemic transformation, strategic planning, and population screening programs, GCC... Read more

Dubai Exports recently received a high-level delegation from Bahrain to discuss cooperation in the field of export development, application of best practices and knowledge-sharing.

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NBAD’s Group Chief Economist, gives an analysis and outlook on recent economic developments in the region.

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Business centre, set up with support from Dubai FDI, has brought in over 100 Austrian firms.

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A pickup in mobile payments

News February 17, 2013 0

Dubai eGovernment’s mobile payment portal, mPay generated an 11 % increase to AED 8.5 million in 2012, according to recent statistics.

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The initiative aims to grow the UAE’s SME sector by helping future generations of Emiratis enter the private sector and set up their own businesses.

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