ShelterU’s new courses for SMEs
Shelter Dubai, the community work and events space, will begin offering a collection of workshops and courses for entrepreneurs and business professionals through its Shelter_U programme. Courses offered in the first quarter of the programme include: Beginning Conversational Arabic for Business, Creative Flow, Social Media for Executives and Women... Read more
Bridging the Arabic e-Content gap

Media professionals in the MENA region need to change their approach as social media redefines the rules.

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How to market your brand in multiple regions
We all know that we understand a concept better, when it is explained to us in our own language and appeals to our sensibilities. The same approach should be used when we market a product or service to a target audience in a region. Businesses need to speak the... Read more
Trade and cultural sensitivity
One important issue that affects performance in global markets is cultural difference, explains Dr. Ashraf Mahate, Head of Export Market Intelligence at Dubai Exports, and Vice Chair of the Economic Policy Committee, Dubai Economic Department. Culture is defined as a comprehensive system of behaviour patterns that tend to be... Read more