Oil, US Dollar and Gold

We discuss fluctuations in the oil and gold markets, their impact on the dollar, and the way moving forward

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The impact of lower oil prices
The oil industry is a very dynamic sector constantly confronting challenges of expansions and contractions in production and price levels. Expert practitioner Nour Amache explores the current landscape. The decrease in oil prices Since June 2014, the price of a barrel of oil has been plummeting reaching low levels... Read more
Survey reveals job market growth
The most recent Middle East and North Africa Job Index released by Bayt.com and YouGov revealed that 44 per cent of companies in the UAE are looking into hiring in the next three months. The survey also found that 64 per cent of these companies will be hiring up... Read more

NBAD’s Group Chief Economist, gives an analysis and outlook on recent economic developments in the region.

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Government expenditure in physical and social infrastructure will continue to fuel economic activity and ultimately help to drive short to medium term growth in the capital.

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The latest Economic Quarterly Report from the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) reveals a GDP growth rate of 4.4% for 2012.

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Saudi Arabia’s tourism focus

Saudi Arabia ups its number of tourism projects and investments as it looks to diversify its economy.

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Survey: Top industries in MENA

Oil, gas and petrochemicals are named the top industires in terms current employee satisfaction and respondent perceptions, according to a Bayt.com survey.

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In the last decade, the development of local content – defined in the Energy industry as the share of local suppliers and service providers in project procurement expenditure – has been driven by International Oil Companies (IOC) and involved   a passive government role. To date, this model has not... Read more
North Africa’s energy potential

North Africa Oil and Gas Summit will take place from 6th to 9th November 2012 in Vienna, Austria.

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