If the face fits…

Guidelines for evaluating job applications

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Can you take the risk?
As anyone who’s had to make an insurance claim will tell you, there’s much, much more to insurance than simply finding a provider with a famous name. Different insurers are right for different kinds of business, and it pays to make a choice that complements your mutual strengths. Senior... Read more
The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently organised an advisory session for budding UAE entrepreneurs. In association with Nuummite Consulting company, the event was held at the Dubai Chamber’s head office. This first session, which was attended by over 30 participants, was held under the Tejar Dubai Emirati... Read more

C3 to host Starter Programme

News September 22, 2014 0

C3 – Consult and Coach for a Cause, is organising a special edition of their Starter Programme, on Saturday, the 27th of September, in Knowledge Village. C3’s Starter Programme introduces aspiring social entrepreneurs and potential volunteers to social enterprise concepts as well as to C3 Philosophy, to enable Middle... Read more

Is your SME entering new markets and eyeing international expansion?

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Start-up to IPO

FeaturedFinance September 10, 2014 0

 If your business is at the vital intersection between being ‘medium-sized’ and ‘enterprise-level’, chances are you’ve considered the IPO as a viable option. Going down this route can not only have a liberating impact on your company’s cashflow but can also set you on a path to exponential growth and success. SME... Read more
On September 29, a major event – the Roadmap for Growth – sets out to give SMEs a complete guide to the strategies and initiatives best-suited to deliver successful performance. More than this, it takes SME owners and directors on a journey from start-up to IPO –  spelling out... Read more
Through the pages of our regular section ‘The Next Level’, we’ve often featured businesses that are undergoing fast expansion, enjoying unbeatable growth or breaking barriers to achieve new heights of success. This month we met up with a business that has not only managed to tick all these boxes... Read more

A focus on the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

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 What are the critical factor that management education can communicates, which provide the vital spark for a life of committed entrepreneurship? Can a young business student actually have the time aptitude and know-how to run a working, successful business? SME Advisor asked these very questions to the American University... Read more