Meet Tanmay Bakshi: an exclusive interview
Not every 14-year old wakes up in the morning looking forward to the convergence of deep learning models. But then, not every 14-year old is Tanmay Bakshi. Such a delight to feature this young genius… Tanmay, you are the world’s youngest Watson programmer. Can you walk us through the... Read more
Bayzat’s breakthroughs
When Talal Bayaa came up with the idea for Bayzat, the intention was to create a solution that digitises the HR and health insurance selection process for companies. With automation taking the hassle out of most administrative paperwork, these were areas that were still relatively labour-driven. For health insurance,... Read more
SME 4X special: Ingenious invention of the month
Ekso Bionics is using technology to create a range of products that will help patients with certain types of injuries move freely and independently. It is a revolutionary step in the world of medical rehabilitation and we take a closer look at the concept and how it works… The... Read more
Shedul’s smart, sensible software
Shedul isn’t just driving innovation in software scheduling, it’s also changing the endgame for salons across the region. We catch up with its zestful team to take a closer look… Only a few young entrepreneurs have sought to revolutionise the spa and salon industry. William Zeqiri of is one of them.... Read more
Blockchain for business
How can SMEs deploy blockchain technology and exploit its advantages? Jean-Luc Scherer and Christophe Pinot of Innoopolis review existing data and tackle the question… The Middle East is known for its trading based history but also for its rapid growth based on oil revenues. At the same time, the dependency... Read more
Fuelling the future of FinTech
She’s far-sighted, ambitious and has a strong financial acumen. As we sit down with her, there’s no wonder why she’s at the forefront of the region’s most important FinTech development. She’s none other than Raja Al Mazrouei – Acting EVP of FinTech Hive at the prestigious DIFC. In a very... Read more
Fourth Industrial Revolution: Defining the new normal
Brad Keywell, Co-founder and CEO of Uptake, weighs the possible challenges and opportunities of surviving in a new era… The world is changing. There’s no way around this fact. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is now. And, whether you know it or not, it will affect you. Billions of people... Read more
Spurring growth through the cloud
Philippe Fanjere, VP Europe, Middle East and Africa, Maestrano, presents effective strategies to implement cloud technology within your manufacturing SME. A lot has been said about cloud technology and its benefits; over the last couple of years it has evolved to play a major role in the growth and... Read more
The security risks of Internet of Things
Patryk Szewczyk, Lecturer, Edith Cowan University, and Nikolai Hampton, Master of Cyber Security Candidate, Edith Cowan University, assess the security threats and suggest a way moving forward. The range and number of “things” connected to the internet is truly astounding, including security cameras, ovens, alarm systems, baby monitors and cars. They’re... Read more
Tracking trends
Paul Black, Director of Telecoms and IoT, IDC Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, takes a hardened look at the data and shares a compilation of his top trends… Looking ahead, innovations will take centre stage in the IoT space, particularly as the Middle East market begins to rebound. Telecom... Read more