As Etisalat launches an extensive new SMB TV commercial and advertising campaign, the powerful message for SMBs is that they have a world of resources at their disposal to leverage critical change, connectivity and growth. The fact is whether your SMB is looking to be a leader in the digital revolution – supercharging the business with mobility and cloud computing solutions – or is simply sourcing affordable telecoms essentials, Etisalat is the region’s market leader.


One of the classic challenges facing an SMB is that it’s constrained by the resources at its disposal – how many staff it has, the core cost of doing business, the size of its facilities and how much market data it can collect. So how about reinventing the scenario and turning the challenge into an opportunity? Now, there’s a powerful new factor that changes the game for good. The real value of working with a market-leading provider like Etisalat is that it actually means you have the resources of a big business at your fingertips – with all the terrific outreach, up-scale potential and cost savings that implies. Let’s look at some key examples –

a) SMBs now have a dedicated 24/7 SMB call centre: Etisalat has a dedicated facility focused on servicing SMB needs – giving them a single point of contact for anything they might require. This call centre exists exclusively for SMBs, and provides access to a specialised, multilingual team of technology experts.

b) Business managers and partners: SMBs can benefit from a dedicated business manager, who is fully equipped to help with all business connectivity needs and recommend the most suitable and affordable solutions. Contrary to what you might think, the business manager isn’t overloaded with accounts, but has a tiered portfolio of clients depending on the size of businesses that he or she services. That means you can deal with someone who knows your name and your all-important objectives, and is fully aligned with the way your business works.

c) The widest network of business centres: Etisalat offers business centres at convenient locations across the UAE. Each business centre is set up to serve SMBs with all their telecom and technological needs, so that they can focus on effectively running their business without worrying about the day-today connectivity challenges. If your business is located in a Free Zone, you’ll also benefit from the fact that Etisalat has been actively partnering with the Free Zone authorities to provide the best and most advanced telecom and ICT services to business tenants. This is part of Etisalat’s wider commitment to the future of the UAE economy, where Free Zones are a remarkable catalyst in worldclass development – and your SMB can be part of the opportunity!

d) With the Etisalat’s unique Business Quick Start bundle solution: you have the opportunity to take your pick of the latest devices covering all your office needs, with simple, one-stop connectivity – and avail yourself of these devices for free! You can then supplement your set-up as and when you need with high-end, high spec equipment as your requirements grow. This means you can not only get your business up-and-running from Day One, but you can do so with minimum capital investment – allowing you to conserve valuable funds. What’s more, Etisalat had upgraded broadband speeds for nearly 100,000 business customers, making them up to 2.5 times faster at no extra cost. When you bundle in other elements like a free voice minutes offer, the reality is that SMBs can enjoy significant cost savings and a substantial increase in their operational efficiencies. There’s also access to Etisalat’s dynamic Business Online Portal, free of charge, to help you manage, order, track your accounts and pay your bills anytime, anywhere.

Quality plus quantity!

There’s another key factor to the service dimension, too. SMBs often have concerns about the time it takes to get new connectivity solutions up and running, and wonder whether the business they’re dealing with really understands their needs. Even if it does, can it actually offer a bespoke solution that’s cost-effective and lets the business play to its strengths? Via a high-quality cluster of SMB business partners, Etisalat ensures that SMBs deal with experts who have a detailed understanding of the business, and can share valuable insights on the kind of connectivity that’s most relevant and affordable.

What’s more, Etisalat puts very stringent quality criteria in place for every aspect of the SMB business partner’s operations – even defining their recruitment policy and the style and depth of training required for every member of the team. What’s more, the channel partner’s contribution is reviewed monthly not just for performance but in terms of meeting very rigorous customer service protocols. All of which ensures that when SMBs get in touch with an urgent request or enquiry, it’s dealt with by people who genuinely care and have the best possible solutions on hand.

Accelerating your business’ growth

In today’s business climate, excellent levels of connectivity are an essential, not a luxury. For the great majority of business sectors, the days are gone when a business can be competitive without an online profile. The reality is that SMBs require an always-on communications network, 24×7 expert support and competitively priced services and solutions that are critical to their business performance and growth. Etisalat’s SMB team offers a set of comprehensive initiatives to ease the set-up and growth challenges of SMBs in the country. In addition to the factors listed above, a checklist of the key benefits includes –

• The promise of a seamless experience throughout the customer’s journey
• End-to-end simplicity and convenience at all touch points
• A personalised visit by a trained and authorised Etisalat representative to the customer premise within 24 hours
• An information kit to enable the businesses to set up their operations faster, more efficiently
• A welcome call to ensure hassle free subscription to Etisalat’s SMB services

Supercharge your connectivity – today!

Getting world-class connectivity has never been easier: visit ae/business for more information, and enjoy competitive advantages, ultimate convenience and high-level mobility and office solutions.


Rushika Bhatia Editor

Rushika Bhatia is one of the region’s leading commentators on business and current affairs issues. She is the Editor of SME Advisor magazine - the flagship title of CPI Business. She is passionate about infographics – with special emphasis on data, research and statistics. Rushika has a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University, USA and is also CIMA qualified.

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